Action Planning & Goal Setting

Setting and tracking goals is an enormously crucial aspect of any executive coaching or leadership development program. How do you set goals for your coachee and help them measure their progress over time? In a recent blog post we discuss our techniques for optimizing coaching engagements with goal setting and measurement.

Using Coachmetrix, participants and coaches can create customized, comprehensive action plans and set goals. You, the coach, can approve, make comments, and share them with others in your client’s organization to ensure strategic alignment.

Goals are the heart of any action

What Does A Comprehensive Action Plan Entail?

Coachees ditch the paperwork and create secure, online goals and action plans.  The format captures details of multiple “goals”. These goals are the crux of your coaching engagement; pillars of leadership such as communication, collaboration, and effectiveness. Work with your coachees to help them identify the most specific and relevant goals for the duration of your program. Coachmetrix Pulse Feedback will measure their progress over time based on the feedback and feedforward provided by supporters.

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Goal Setting With Coachmetrix

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Each goal in Coachmetrix includes a goal title, a behavior (used to measure Pulse Feedback), and additional goal details. The goals should be as specific as possible. Remember the fundamentals of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely) while working with your clients to identify their long-term and short-term business goals.

Determining A Measurable Behavior

Once you have identified a goal with your coachee, it’s time to determine a measurable “behavior” to associate with the goal. This is something for which supporters in your coachee’s professional environment will provide feedback. Prompted by Coachmetrix emails, supporters use a brief survey to provide feedback and feedforward on observed behavior throughout the coaching engagement. You can set the frequency of the feedback or align it with specific meetings or events.  Work with your coachee to identify a behavior that will serve as an indicator of progress toward the accomplishment of their goal.

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