Show your Coachees the Proof of their Progress

Finally, a cloud-based leadership development and executive coaching tool that combines the features you need to optimize your process and continually measure your coachees’ behavioral changes.

Stakeholder Centered CoachingCoachmetrix is featured in a new book by Marshall Goldsmith and our own Sal Silvester.

Clearly Measure Impact

Prove exactly how effective and impactful your leadership development programs are with this innovative executive coaching assessment tool. Obtain and monitor meaningful, ongoing pulse feedback that measures behavioral impact for each of your participants. Use these metrics to quantify your ROI.

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Clear ROD

Action Plan - Check Boxes

Discipline, Structure & Reinforcement

Add Accountability

Ditch the paperwork and create online action plans that truly work to facilitate ongoing coaching and training progress. This business coaching tool gives you the structure and support you need to maintain an important edge over your competitors. Interact with your clients through the technology they use every day.

Unleash Your Business

Increase your passive income with minimal effort by easily repurposing and customizing your coaching resources so they are accessible on any mobile device. Share articles and information with specific clients and store them in your library for use with future engagements. Interact with each of your participants, directly and privately, through our online platform.

Repurpose Content

Repurpose Content

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Get the Big Picture

Track progress for each of your leadership development programs and executive coaching engagements. From participant action plans and progress metrics to sharing course content, overview and assess programs in our easy-to-use dashboard. Create reports with graphics and visuals showing the impact of your training.

Sparked from our desire to innovate, we created a tool that goes beyond traditional leadership development programs to build in accountability, transparency and measurement.

Coachmetrix eliminates reliance on traditional paper workbooks, email communication, and anecdotal feedback. It adds depth and accountability to your program, offering business coaching tools that measure your effectiveness and ROI. Quite simply, it allows you to keep up with tech-savvy, busy coachees and show your clients the proof of their investment.

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