How to Measure in Your Coaching and Leadership Development Programs

We can and must measure in coaching and leadership development. It’s critical for our credibility as coaches, trainers and consultants. And, it’s critical for our industry as a whole.   We started to get really curious about measurement in leadership development as a result of the work we were doing with clients. As we took … Read More

5 Coaching Tools to Accelerate Behavioral Change

As coaches and trainers we want to make a difference. But we are often missing the key ingredients to create and sustain behavioral change. These are the 5 essential coaching tools that we believe are required on every engagement.   We know that organizations invest a ton of money in leadership development and coaching. In … Read More

Why Leadership Development Programs Fail and What You Should Do About It

Leadership development is expensive and most programs fail to achieve their desired behavioral change. Here are our data driven learnings and how we changed our approach to create more value for our clients.   Here’s what we know about leadership development and coaching. Companies spend a ton of money on it. According to a 2012 … Read More

Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Start Coaching for Better Results

Do you want to increase your impact as a coach? Here are the principles behind Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology that will show you how.   I had the privilege to attend Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching certification program. It’s was taught by his engaging, entertaining and brilliant business partner Frank Wagner.   Stakeholder … Read More

Optimize Your 1-1 Coaching Engagements – Here’s How

Here’s how we optimized our coaching engagements to communicate better, action plan better and measure better. You can do the same. I was recently talking to a coach at a major global coaching company.   “How do your coachees create action plans?” I asked.   “I email my coachees a word document.” She responded.   … Read More

How We Created $6 Million in Client Value

Here’s how we created over six million dollars in client value during (just one) 7-month leadership development program. And Coachmetrix helped us get there. As I mentioned in our last post, we’re on a mission at Coachmetrix to help others build their coaching and training businesses so that we can collectively have a greater impact … Read More

Coaching Tools to Engage a Participant’s Manager and Create Sustainable Change

A coachee’s manager can either derail or accelerate behavior change. How are you involving them in the development process? The content of your program is important. The great coaching you do is important too. But if you don’t effectively integrate the appropriate external factors into your work, sustainable change will not happen. In our previous … Read More

4 Coaching Tools to Measure Your Impact in the Workplace

Coaching over the phone or in person is effective. Watching your coachee in action is even better. Here are four proven tools to elevate your coaching impact by observing your coachees in the workplace.   In our last post, Effective Executive Coaching: Watching Players Play, we made the case that to effectively coach leaders, you … Read More

Effective Executing Coaching: Watch Your Players Play

Trying to coach a leader without watching them lead is like coaching an actor without watching them act. Can you imagine trying to coach Tiger Woods on his golf swing without watching him swing? How about trying to coach Matt Damon without watching him act? Or Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber without hearing them sing? … Read More

The Secret to Selecting Awesome Coaching Participants

Selecting participants for a leadership development program sounds easy. It isn’t. And if done incorrectly, you’ll start your program with exactly the wrong tone. We did. Once… Being selected for a coaching or leadership development program should be a privilege, not a pain. The challenge is that in today’s busy workplace, where the urgent rules … Read More