Move Your Coaching Process to the Cloud

Ditch the paper workbooks and the inconvenience of file attachments that your tech-savvy clients have left behind. Now there’s a unique coaching assessment tool that makes your content accessible from any mobile device.

With Coachmetrix, you have the features you need to support your entire coaching process. Easily and securely communicate with your coachees, set action plans, track progress on goals, exchange resources, and more.

Action Planning & Goal Setting

Participants create customized, comprehensive action plans and set goals. You can approve, make comments, and share them with others in your client’s organization to ensure strategic alignment.

Action Planning & Goal Setting
Coaching Supporters and stakeholders

Supporters & Stakeholders

Participants need others around them to support their development and accelerate behavior change. We call them Supporters. Participants may choose different Supporters for different goals. We make it easy for Supporters to participate with minimal involvement, no login and friendly reminders when their feedback is needed.

Pulse Feedback & Feedforward

Supporters provide ongoing pulse feedback related to the Participant’s goals on past performance and open-ended feedforward ideas and suggestions for the next coaching period. Ongoing pulse feedback can be automated or on-demand and collected over any duration.

Pulse Feedback and Feedforward
coaching progress metrix

Progress Metrix

Pulse Feedback results are reported in a chart that can easily be configured as a bar chart, line graph, likert scale or a progress scale that shows negative change, no change or positive change. Whatever you choose, now you can prove behavior change and data-driven ROI from your leadership development and coaching programs.

Content Delivery

Your custom tools and resources are available just in time on any mobile device. Upload and store your content in one location for efficient repurposing into eLearning courses, posting fieldwork assignments, and even creating and conducting online coaching programs.

delivering coaching content
coaching discussions | coaching conversations

Coaching Discussions

Communicate with your Participant online, right from the platform, to add reinforcement and structure to your programs. Share coaching session notes, upload coaching agreements, or simply check-in between sessions. Just about anything you have previously communicated via email will now be captured in one convenient place.

Private Coaching Notes

Efficiently manage all your leadership and coaching programs from one location. Create private notes at the Participant level to summarize a coaching session and next steps, or at the Project level to add a to-do list, store contracts, remember whiteboard images or other pertinent information that you need at your fingertips.

private coaching notes
knowledge base

Online User Guide & Knowledge Base

Launch your Coachmetrix account with confidence. Our comprehensive knowledge base provides extensive tutorials for each of the features within Coachmetrix. Enjoy the Quick Start Guide for Coaches or Participants or the full feature tour when you launch your account.

Coachmetrix: Executive Coaching Tool

Imagine how you could use Coachmetrix to streamline and improve accountability with your leadership and coaching engagements.

  • Use Pulse Feedback to dynamically track improvement
  • Measure results and prove your ROI with advanced reporting functions
  • Keep and share collections of your resources as the content becomes relevant to the program or situation
  • Offer your services anywhere there’s an internet connection and from any mobile device

About to kick-off a 1-1 coaching, leadership development or team development engagement? Try Coachmetrix coaching tool to support your next client engagement for FREE! Simply sign-up, create a Project, add Participants and wonder how you did it all before Coachmetrix.

Mobile Coaching App | Client tracking app for coaches

Are you ready to quantify your impact?

  • Coachmetrix helped me to streamline disparate platforms in my Leadership Coaching process. It also made it easier to bring in, and keep Stakeholders engaged. This comes especially in handy when I’m working with numerous leaders in the same organization.

    David Davila
    David Davila Leaping Koi
  • Coachmetrix is an important tool in our arsenal. It supports us in many of our client engagements by serving as a one-stop portal for setting expectations, defining actions, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, sharing support resources, and evaluating success.

    Patti Phillips
    Patti Phillips ROI Institute, Inc
  • The addition of Coachmetrix to my practice has saved me countless hours of administrative and follow-up work. The automation of gathering feedback and feedforward using Coachmetrix not only saves me time, but it also saves my client’s stakeholder’s time.

    Bo Carrington
    Bo Carrington BCA Executive Consultant