Content Delivery

Gone are the days of the paper workbook! Now coaches and their clients live their lives online; firing off emails, scheduling appointments, and reading industry news. Why would you expect your coachee to carry around a workbook or binder full of your leadership development resources and tips? Unfortunately, we can’t. That’s why Coachmetrix made it easy for you to store and share your coaching tools and resources through our easy-to-use online platform. Access resources on the go and share easily with clients across multiple engagements with our innovative content delivery system.

Resources can be anything you want to share with your coaching clients; articles, leadership tools, content from old paper workbooks, fieldwork assignments, or any combination of text, images, and video. Resources can be saved across all of your projects, so you only need to upload every file once, and shared with Participants at your discretion.  The Coachmetrix content delivery system makes it possible for you to run entire coaching engagements through this single online platform.

Coachmetrix - Coaching Resources

Use Collections To Organize Resources

Keep all of your resources organized by Collection. This is an opportunity to repurpose your content and make mini learning courses that can be used as pre or post fieldwork for a workshop or executive coaching session. The possibilities are unlimited and your Participants will have access to all of these anytime on their mobile device. Like Resources, Collections can be used across all of your projects, saving you time and enabling you to repurpose your content.

Coachmetrix - Coaching tool Collections

Share A Resource Or Collection

Resources and Collections can be shared by a Coach to any Participant to whom the Coach is assigned. Or, if the Coach is also the Team Lead (the Account Owner), they can share a Resource or Collection to any Participant on a project, even if they are not the Participant’s assigned Coach. Click here to visit the Coachmetrix Knowledge Base and learn step-by-step how to share your Resources and Collections in Coachmetrix.