Notes and Discussions

We created Coachmetrix to streamline and simplify your executive coaching engagements. The notes and discussions features within the Coachmetrix app will replace the need for dozens of confusing email chains and random hand written meeting notes. Coachmetrix allows you, the Coach, to create private notes at both the Project and Participant level and to engage in online discussions with your Participant. All of your notes and discussions will be conveniently accessible from your Coachmetrix Dashboard and each Participant page and Project page.

Using Notes In Coachmetrix

The Coach can create private notes at both the Project level and Participant level. Notes are not visible to the Participant or anyone else – just the Coach. Notes may be used to describe how a workshop or coaching session went. They may be used to store project contracts, images from a white board or other PDF and documents.

To create a project level note, click on the note icon in the upper right of the Project’s main page.

Coachmetrix - Create Notes

Creating Discussions With Participants in Coachmetrix

Discussions are online conversations between the Coach and Participant. You can use discussions to send clients notes from a coaching session, update them about upcoming fieldwork assignments, follow-up after a workshop, or just about anything else. You can create a discussion from each Participant’s main landing page. Discussions include a subject line and a message and are organized by subject line and date. Discussions will virtually replace the need for email communication with your clients.

Coachmetrix - Coaching Discussions | Client Coaching Discussions