Masterclass: Expand Your Coaching Business

Add More Value and Compete with Mobile Apps that will Disrupt the Market

There are very few barriers to entry in the leadership coaching industry. Put up a shingle, call yourself a coach and, voilà, you have a business.

On top of that, there are technology apps that hire coaches at a commoditized rate and are selling, on a massive scale, coaching as a leadership development option for the millennial leader.

It’s disruption at its best. And, many coaches may be at risk in the not too distant future if they don’t have a technology platform to support their practice and measure change.

Coachmetrix can help.  

With Coachmetrix, you’ll be armed with a technology platform that leverages your content and your expertise and supports you in building your own brand – not a mobile app’s brand.

In this complimentary masterclass, we’ll cover several strategies for using Coachmetrix features that will enable you to expand your coaching practice beyond the one-on-one conversation, add more value and respond to a changing coaching industry that requires tech savvy coaches and practices.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Three strategic ways to use the Discussions feature to coach “online” and between your live coaching sessions.
  • Best practices for using Pulse Feedback, to measure behavioral change and set yourself apart from almost all other coaches today.
  • Leverage Resources to optimize the start your projects, and offer micro-learning experiences between coaching sessions.
  • Create Assignments to add clarity for participants and track activity on your projects.

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