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Show Your Coachees the Proof of Progress

Thank you for checking out Stakeholder Centered Coaching – Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach.  Marshall Goldsmith and I are excited to share this book with the world to help coaches and trainers better measure their coaching and leadership development programs. After all, executives buy results, not coaching! 

The book will introduce you to concepts like how to change not only behavior but perceptions, how to apply feedback and feedforward and how to integrate technology into your measurement process. But that’s just the start. We want you to be able to quickly adapt these ideas to your own coaching practice. That’s why we are offering a ton of great free resources when you download or purchase your copy of Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach including:

  • template to measure return on investment
  • checklist for observing leaders in the workplace
  • An article on how to better measure your programs
  • Videos of Marshall and Sal talking about stakeholder centered coaching
  • Access to a free masterclass: Measuring Behavioral Change in Coaching and Leadership Development 

To get all of these fantastic resources, go to, download or purchase your copy of Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximize Your Impact as a Coach, and enter your name, email and Amazon receipt in the fields on this page. 

Here’s to your success, 

Sal Silvester