If you don’t set yourself apart in the busy marketplace, your coaching services will be quickly commoditized.

After all, there are virtually no barriers to entry when it comes to leadership or executive coaching. So many people just put up a shingle and call themselves a coach.

Here are seven strategies to help you add more value to your coaching engagements and, as a result, increase the likelihood that your clients engage your services deeper in their organization.

Strategy #1: Offer more than just the coaching conversation

The coaching conversation is a powerful tool in helping people make a change. But you can add so much more value. With the help of a coaching platform like Coachmetrix, you can also offer your clients an online action plan, behavioral change measurement, tools and resources, mini-courses, assignment tracking, sending reminders to help create new habits, and so much more.

Strategy #2: Extend measurement beyond the end of the engagement

Just because your coaching engagement ends at the contract term doesn’t mean you can’t measure behavioral change beyond the end of the engagement. Instead, you’ll add structure, reinforcement, and accountability while giving you a reason to check back in with the coachee and executive sponsor.

Strategy #3: Create a new online action plan

Another option for added value is to invite your coachee to create a new action plan at the end of their engagement. They could draw upon their original 360 data or utilize results from a second-round 360. You might even be able to leverage a new behavioral assessment tool. Regardless of where the data comes from for the action plan, your coachee will end up with a new set of goals to track beyond your formal time together. You could also conduct a coaching calibration session between the coachee and manager to review the new action plan. Then, stay in touch with the client and add extra value.

Strategy #4: Create a team scorecard

We all know that what gets measured gets done. So, why not add some accountability to your team engagements? For example, suppose you are working with a leadership team. In that case, you could have the team clarify the behaviors they need to measure collectively after the engagement ends and then start a round of ongoing pulse feedback using the Coachmetrix platform. It will give you a reason to stay in touch with the team leader and a springboard to talk about how you can support the team moving forward.

Strategy #5: Create a nurture sequence

You’ve built a valuable relationship with your coachee, but sometimes the business of the day can get in the way of nurturing the relationship beyond the engagement. Take advantage of the template and scheduling features in Coachmetrix to kick off a series of nurture messages that prompt the coachee to act or follow up on their coaching commitments.

Strategy #6: Create a subscription offering         

Maybe contracting with you for a full executive coaching engagement is out of the budget. But everyone could use ongoing support and accountability to sustain change. One option – create a subscription service that offers your past coachees a new monthly resource and exercise every 30 days to keep their leadership effectiveness sharp. Through Coachmetrix, you could even offer an online coaching option, action plan, and ongoing measurement as part of the process.

Strategy #7: Create a case study

Your executive sponsors want to know that their monetary investment resulted in better business outcomes. By gathering client stories and observations into a case study, you can better paint the picture of the before and after transformation. Combined with Coachmetrix behavioral change data, you’ll create a compelling case study that builds credibility with your sponsors and reasons for them to call you back in the future.

What’s Next with Your Online Coaching Software Platform?

These are just a few strategies for setting your leadership or executive coaching practice apart from the crowd and extending the runway on your coaching engagements. In addition, coaching software tools like Coachmetrix can help you add value to your clients.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a demo, and we’ll show you how Coachmetrix can take your coaching practice to the next level.

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