Coach Highlight with Coachmetrix Authorized Partner – Kristen Walker

About Kristen Walker

ClearView Business Consulting provides strategic human resources consultation and executive leadership coaching services to business owners and leaders at every level.

We are proud to assist C-Suite, Executive Leadership Teams, and frontline managers in achieving their performance goals through one-on-one and team coaching opportunities to overcome common performance challenges in today’s complex business environment.

ClearView Business Consulting also provides owners and leaders with HR Consultation and expertise in all areas of Human Capital Management to improve personal and professional objectives and achieve higher levels of organizational success.

Before you were using Coachmetrix, what gap did you have that Coachmetrix filled? 

Before Coachmetrix, I was using email for all written communications with my clients. This tends to be ineffective given the amount of emails we all receive.

Clients seem to appreciate having a ‘location’ for all our communication, resources, and information we share. The discussion board keeps them in the present versus using our busy personal or professional inboxes.

When onboarding a new client, the time saved with Coachmetrix’s collections for new client information, allows me to quickly send, making it much more efficient and consistent. Thus it eliminates errors, missed files or steps needed for professional and successful onboarding.

How Do You Currently Use Coachmetrix?

I use Coachmetrix to efficiently onboard clients with pre-loaded information. It’s also helpful storing resources that are applicable to many clients making it accessible in one easy-to-access location saving me significant time.

Additionally, Coachmetrix allows me to assist in establishing client goals and communicating their goal progress. I use this platform for approximately 25 clients at any given time. It helps me stay more organized and establish myself as a professional coach.

How Has It Helped You To Grow Your Business And Serve Your Clients Better? 

Initially, I was using email to communicate with clients, but this was too time consuming and quite often emails would get lost or deleted on both sides. In Coachmetrix, I stay more organized and focused while on calls with my clients. I find they benefit as well.

It saves me time because it’s highly organized. This time allows me to spend less effort on administrative work. It allows both the client and the coach to focus on what is important when we can filter out the rest of our world by using a single platform that is user friendly and focused.

If a client takes a coaching pause and then later returns for more sessions, we can easily pick up where we left off. In the past, using email or our memories was not efficient or effective!

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