Never walk into a leadership development workshop with a thick paper workbook again. The leadership practices we teach remain timeless, but our tools for teaching do not. Here at Coachmetrix we’re all about finding ways to help leadership development trainers and coaches stay organized, track client progress, and grow their business with easy to use technologies. Goodbye workbook and hello iPad!

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the apps and softwares available to executive coaches and trainers. There are several tools you can utilize while working with busy, tech-savvy executive leaders. Read on to learn more about how Coachmetrix and other leadership coaching technologies will streamline and add value to your business.

1. Coachmetrix for Action Plans, Pulse Feedback Data Analysis, and More

Coachmetrix allows you to prove exactly how well a leadership development program is working, whether you’re running the program or managing leaders. Developed and iteratively tested by the founder of 5.12 Solutions, Coachmetrix is a mobile platform that tracks behavioral changes related to leadership training and coaching goals. From a user-friendly dashboard, participants create action plans, set goals, receive pulse feedback from supporters, and easily access your content. Know anyone else who’s doing that? We don’t either, and that’s why we built Coachmetrix.

2. JigsawBox for Delivering Custom Content

JigsawBox is a great resource for coaches who want to deliver custom content to their clients in a specific way. Users of JigsawBox create their coaching packages by creating and uploading content – called Modules – onto their profile, then organizing and releasing those Modules to their clients. The coach can choose to release their Modules on an automated schedule, manually day-by-day, or all at once.

3. CoachLogix for Reporting and Invoicing

Leadership coaches can use the CoachLogix app to run their entire coaching business — to set and track goals and generate reports and invoices. Share a dynamic calendar with each of your leaders and even network within the app. All of your data is stored on the cloud and secured. Keep sensitive client information protected with their security encryptions.

4. CircleCoach for Easy Client Communication

CircleCoach uses its software to help managers effectively communicate with team members. Essentially, a manager becomes a coach by providing employees with constant communication and feedback. As an executive coaching tool, CircleCoach can help you maintain a direct line of communication between yourself and those you train. Coaches and coachees have the ability to share their opinions on performance within the app, allowing for mutual growth of both parties through collaboration.

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