We love when you give us feedback about Coachmetrix. It helps us understand how you use Coachmetrix and how to keep improving the platform.

We recently rolled out a number of enhancements to the pulse feedback process based on your input (thank you!) and are excited to share those below.

Stay tuned for more changes in the coming weeks.

Keep coaching!


Pulse Feedback Refinements

Automate Pulse Feedback – Display First / Next Date

Did you know that when you enable Automated Pulse Feedback, Coachmetrix will display the date of the Next Pulse Feedback Round? Simply click on the Automate Pulse Feedback box above the Pulse Feedback graph. The date displayed in the box is when the Next Pulse Feedback request will be emailed to Supporters.

If you are just setting up the Automated Pulse Feedback, you will be prompted to enter the date of the First Pulse Feedback Round in the box. Going forward, the system will calculate the date of the next Pulse Feedback round based on the Frequency set in the box above.

You can find more information about Pulse Feedback in our Knowledge Base:

Simplify Pulse Feedback Privacy Settings

We’ve heard from many Coaches that the Privacy Setting should be simplified to two options – Open and Partially Anonymous. We agree! Open allows for full disclosure of the Supporters’ identity associated with feedback. Partially Anonymous allows the Supporters’ feedback to be displayed without identifying the Supporter.

Privacy Settings can be found on the Project Settings page. Remember the Privacy Setting locks after your first Pulse Feedback round has been kicked off.

For more information about Privacy Settings in our Knowledge Base:

More Data Displayed on Participant Tiles

You’ll notice more information is now displayed on the Participant’s tile on the Project Page. This makes it easy to get a glimpse of the Participant’s progress. It also displays the Participant’s email for quick reference.

Assignments Feedback

Have you had a chance to check out the new Assignments feature? Assignments provide Coaches a method for tracking tasks and milestones. Think of Assignments as a quick and easy “To Do” List for Participants.

If you’ve implemented Assignments into your practice, we would love to hear about your experience. If you would like more information about Assignments, please check out our Knowledge Base:

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