Coach Highlight with Coachmetrix Authorized Partner – John Sigmon


About John and Sigmon Leadership Solutions

Sigmon Leadership Solutions is leadership consultancy for global leaders. We are based in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York, with a presence in Washington DC, NYC, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Our methodology is deep transformation. We work with highly successful leaders. Our clients include multi-national corporate leaders, social media influencers, entrepreneurs and community based activist/leaders. We frequently partner with other firms to offer executive coaching and leadership development, most notably Lee Hecht Harrison and EZRA.

My coaching is not for everyone. It is intensive, deep and transformative. Regardless of the successes, failures, doubts, or hopes, the smallest shift can change everything.

Before you were using Coachmetrix, what gap did you have that Coachmetrix filled? 

About a year into my coaching business, I found myself spending about 40% off my time on administrative tasks related to my clients. For example, setting calendar alerts to send stakeholder surveys, constructing the surveys and emailing them individually to each participant.  Then compiling the results to discuss with my client. When I wanted to send a resource (article, podcast, video, white paper, etc) I would go to my files to locate the variety of resources I continue to accumulate. I began looking for a coaching platform that could provide value to me AND distinguish me with potential clients.

After an exhaustive search, I settled on Coachmetrix. The capability and potential for using this platform was immediately apparent, not to mention the customer service. I really appreciate the user experience and I consistently receive positive comments from clients.

How Do You Currently Use Coachmetrix?

I use Coachmetrix to service my client’s learning and development needs and to create a coaching experience that includes tangible results and metrics. Setting up and using the stakeholder survey tool is simple and adds significant value to both my clients and their organizations. By scheduling surveys to key stakeholders and providing quantitative measures of progress I provide significant value. I house all my templates, frameworks, and learning resources on the platform enabling me to share micro learning modules to my clients. 

Finally, they are always engaging with coaches as users, always striving to add new features needed by the coaching community.

My experience with Coachmetrix has been outstanding!

How Has It Helped You Grow Your Business and Service Your Clients Better?

I list Coachmetrix as a client benefit in every proposal I submit. 

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