Coach Highlight with Coachmetrix Authorized Partner – Annalise Koltai


About Annalise Koltai

Annalise Koltai is a team and leadership coach supporting the development of leaders willing to take responsibility for themselves and their impact on the world through the conscious practice of leadership.

This conscious practice looks like deepening awareness about the beliefs and assumptions you hold about yourself and others, a recognition of the complexity of the world we’re living in, and the choicefulness to complexify oneself in order to be effective within it, every, single, day.


Before you were using Coachmetrix, what gap did you have that Coachmetrix filled? 

Coachmetrix was and is the solution to scaling my practice. I had reached an inflection point in my practice, specifically as I entered the team coaching space, where I realized that the disparate systems I had piecemealed together, up until that point, were not reflective of the values I held for myself and my work in creating an excellent coaching experience.

Coachmetrix’s pulse feedback feature was what initially sold me on the product, (bye-bye forms),  but what has kept me are the resource library, discussions, and the platform’s ability to function as a CRM.


How Do You Currently Use Coachmetrix?

I use Coachmetrix to facilitate cohort-based coaching programs, support individual coaching clients, and most impressively, team coaching engagements.

In team coaching engagements, I am able to leverage Coachmetrix by tracking the individual progress of team members along with the collective progress of the team towards their goals. Being able to onboard teams efficiently, empower them to create and manage their own development plans, and provide meaningful data to stakeholders is a massive differentiator in the coaching landscape and enables me to do what I am really best at in all of this, which is coach.

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