With Coachmetrix we set out to make a difference in the coaching and leadership development industry and to add more value to programs that we’re already doing.

Evolution 2.0 in the learning and development field is now on the cusp. I don’t personally believe we have to put up with the old school workbooks that aren’t readily available, or the lack of discipline around action planning and behavior change, and the lack of measurement and quantification of ROI of leadership development program. We can and we must do better. Our vision is to fundamentally change how we help people learn – to accelerate the process and literally be able to measure that change in ways people either don’t or can’t today.

Introducing Coachmetrix. The intent is for you to make your coaching and leadership development programs more compelling by (1) making tools and content readily available on any mobile device, (2) creating discipline through an online action planning process that can be reviewed in coaching and training sessions, and (3) providing a system of pulse feedback so that you can literally track and measure change in leadership behavior.
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