We created the community resources page as a way for our Coachmetrix subscribers to separate their leadership and executive coaching programs from the rest. 

As part of our Coachmetrix 2.0 release, we’ve updated our Community Resources page, with more valuable info on the way. Here are a few ways you can use your current resources to build a successful business…

Sell your Programs

Measurable results are what business executives are most focused on. Often, they don’t know how to measure change when it comes to coaching. This is an excellent opportunity to position yourself as a data-driven and disciplined coach. 

The Sales Support section of the Community Page provides everything you need to measure the progress executives want to see.

Ready Made Coachmetrix Proposals –Insert this one-page explainer into your existing proposals. It describes what Coachmetrix is and how it measures behavioral change. There are versions for your printed or digital proposals.

How Coachmetrix Works Infographic – Feeling a little stuck on how to explain the coaching process? Share this infographic with clients so they know what to expect from the beginning of their engagement to the end.

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Guide Your Clients Throughout The Coaching Engagement

People who already know and trust you are more likely to continue to work with you. Yet, building strong relationships isn’t easy. 

From the beginning of the engagement or program, coachees, sponsors, and supporters should understand how Coachmetrix works. They should also know how to access the information they need to participate in the program. This level of communication will create trust between you and your clients. 

Here are some resources to help you build successful relationships:

Successfully Onboarding Participants – It’s important from the beginning of the engagement your participant understands Coachmetrix is the platform you both will use to manage all aspects of the coaching engagement. This can be a challenging process. Adapting to a new application isn’t easy. However, this resource provides strategies to ensure your client is onboarded successfully and the engagement starts strong.

Coachmetrix Participant Onboarding Guide – Share this step-by-step guide with your clients during your first session to get them signed up -and your program off to a great start.

Supporter Heads Up Email Templates – Supporters are essential to the pulse feedback process. It’s easy to forget they are also busy running a business. As the coach, it is imperative to make their role in the coaching process as simple as possible. One way to do this is using one of the Supporter Heads-Up Email Templates. Each of these templates informs the supporters exactly what their role is, why it’s important and what is expected of them.

Supporter Role Video – This short 1-minute video explains how the Coachmetrix process works. Share it with your client and their supporters. Access the video in one of the templates or directly from the community page.

Creating an Effective Action Plan – The action plan is the foundation of coaching and pulse feedback within Coachmetrix. Yet, creating a clear and measurable plan can be difficult. Use this guide for tips on how to devise specific goal and behavior statements for an effective action plan. 

executive and leadership coaching

Always Keep Learning: Popular Coaching Topics

Best Practices Masterclass Archive

Community is important for growth. Our Best Practices Masterclasses allow coaches to connect and share ideas and insights. 

Popular topics range from:

  • Business development
  • Strategic coaching 
  • Coachmetrix features deep dives
  • …and more!

If you missed a Masterclass, want to watch one again, or need some insight on a topic, use the archive link to watch past episodes.

These community resources are available exclusively to Coachmetrix subscribers. We will continue to deliver more valuable material for coaches to use in their presentations and to help support clients.

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