Here’s how we created over six million dollars in client value during (just one) 7-month leadership development program. And Coachmetrix helped us get there.

Client Value

As I mentioned in our last post, we’re on a mission at Coachmetrix to help others build their coaching and training businesses so that we can collectively have a greater impact on this world. To truly make a difference in the coaching and leadership development space, you have to be able to measure your impact. That’s exactly what we did on a recent engagement with a fast growing, high tech client in Denver.

And, this blog will tell you how we used Coachmetrix as a coaching tool to help create extraordinary value for our client.


Use Coachmetrix as the Central Organizing Platform

For starters, our client knew from the very beginning (e.g., think proposal stage) that Coachmetrix was our single, one-stop platform for the project. This included pre-messages prior to workshops, reflection activities during a workshop, action planning, comments, coaching notes, measurement, follow-up fieldwork assignments, messaging and more. Our client no longer had to search their email inbox or look for files and resources in multiple locations. Everything resided on Coachmetrix and that alone made the project experience more efficient and optimized for the client.

It all began during the kick-off meeting where we introduced Coachmetrix to the program participants and let them know that they would receive a welcome email one week prior to the first workshop. From there, participants created their usernames and passwords so that when they stepped into the first workshop, they were ready to go on Coachmetrix.


Repurpose Content to Create Coaching Tools (and add value to your programs)

In this leadership development program, we began with 360 feedback. To support the 360 process, we created a Resource in Coachmetrix that participants used during the first workshop to help guide them through the interpretation process. Many of our clients don’t even bring pens and notebooks to workshops anymore, so this is a highly appealing approach for young, up and coming leaders. And, it helped set us apart as credible, relevant coaches who were up with the times.

As the program progressed, we also used Coachmetrix to repurpose our content into mini-courses. For example, using a “flip the classroom” approach, participants completed a coaching course inside of Coachmetrix prior to the Effective Coaching module, enabling us to focus more on practice and application during a workshop.


Create Transparent Leadership Development Action Plans

After participants had time (several days or even weeks in some cases) to reflect on their 360 results, they created an online action plan within Coachmetrix. We’ve found that when action planning is paper-based it simply doesn’t get done. Period. But with Coachmetrix, there’s complete transparency between the coach and participant and action plans are always completed. This is important because a focused action plan is critical to creating better leadership and improved business results.

No action plan = no change in leadership behavior = no impact to the business

Once the participants’ action plans were in place, we systematically checked-in online with each participant by commenting on their goals to ensure they were focused and written with enough detail and clarity. It was easy and quick, and it helped our clients stay focused early in the program. It also added a level of accountability that most paper-based leadership development and coaching programs lack.

From there, Coachmetrix served as a tool that enabled participants to share their action plan with their manager, ensuring the participant and manager were calibrated. Research tells us that a participant’s manager is critical to creating behavior change. Coachmetrix makes it easy to involve the manager in the action planning process.


Measure Behavioral Change

Once the action plans were locked and loaded, we automated six monthly rounds of pulse feedback. Pulse feedback is our process of collecting ongoing data on how the participant is changing in the workplace. Each participant and a team of helpful supporters provided feedback on the past 30 days and helpful ideas and suggestions (feedforward) for the next 30 days. This unique process not only accelerated behavior change, but helped close the gap between a leader’s self perception and how she is perceived by others.


Provide Ongoing Communication and Support

Throughout the program we continued to communicate through Coachmetrix using the discussions feature. Prior to and after every coaching session and workshop we sent a pre and post message and included coaching notes, fieldwork assignments and other helpful information.

The discussion feature also enabled us to add value by checking-in between workshops and coaching sessions. It only took a few minutes and provided the additional structure to accelerate behavioral change that most programs lack.


Report Results Monthly to Executive Sponsors

Critical to the program’s success was engaging our executive sponsors on a monthly basis. We pulled Coachmetrix data into executive summary presentations that also included observations and recommendations. And with our robust five-level measurement methodology in place, we were excited to report a conservative six million dollar return on investment at the program conclusion.


How to Apply These Tools in Your Leadership Development and Coaching Programs

My intent for this post was to pull together some Coachmetrix best practices we used from a real client engagement that is helping scale a real business.


Take what you like.


Leave the rest.


You can always try your first project on Coachmetrix for free. It’s a small monthly investment to make a bigger impact with your clients and in this world.


As always, I’d love your perspective on how you add value in your engagements.


Happy holidays and I look forward to connecting in the New Year.

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