One of the most popular change requests we’ve heard is the ability to have different supporters for different goals. You asked and we delivered! See below for details.

And, as a special kick-off for 2017, Coachmetrix is now $45 per month for individual coaches instead of $59 per month. This is a limited time offer, so create your account while it lasts.

We’ll continue to send periodic emails with the latest on Coachmetrix – new features, bug fixes and product updates.

Reach out anytime if we can support you in any way, and please let us know how your experience with Coachmetrix is going. We love your feedback!

Sal Silvester
Founder and CEO, Coachmetrix


Step 1: Create your goals/action plan.

Step 2: Add your supporters. By default, any supporters added for the participant will be included in the pulse feedback process for all goals.

Step 3: If you want different supporters for different goals, edit each goal and choose the supporters who will provide pulse feedback on the edit goal page.


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