Discussion Templates

This Feature Highlight will focus on Discussion Templates, a valuable feature that will help you work more efficiently and easily stay connected with your clients.

Templates allow you to repurpose messages you’ve created and simply access them again within Discussions. Templates can be used across all of your projects. They save time and effort by not having to recreate messages over and over.

Below are some strategies you can employ to get the most out of Discussion Templates.

Manage the Coaching Process

Having a menu of Template options available can help you deliver pertinent information and ensure your coachees are making progress along their coaching journey. Some examples of Templates you might use to manage the coaching process include: Welcome Message, Action Plan/Goal Progress Check-In and Coaching Session Reminders.

Reinforce the Coaching

Another great benefit of using Templates is to reinforce the learnings from a session. This will help you to create sustainable programs, instead of just workshops and short-term targeted coaching or training that have limited effectiveness.

Stay in Touch with Clients

Finally, Templates enable you to easily stay connected with your current as well as former clients. The opportunities are endless, and the relationships can blossom way beyond the scope of a coaching engagement. Reach out regularly. Dedicate time on a weekly basis for working ON your business, instead of getting caught up IN your business.

Staying in touch with your clients will only help you build your business and your brand.

Creating Discussion Templates

To create a Template or review/edit an existing Template, click the Templates tab on the left side of the page.

Selecting a Discussion Template

When you create a new Discussion, a list of available Template options is displayed from a drop down list for selection.

We would love to hear how you utilize Discussion Templates. Please send us your ideas: support@coachmetrix.com.


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