Sharing the Action Plan

Forging partnerships with Stakeholders is paramount to a successful coaching engagement. Stakeholders (we call these individuals Supporters in Coachmetrix) are people that are impacted by the leader’s behaviors and are involved in the leader’s development on an ongoing basis.

In this article, we will highlight how Coachmetrix ensures alignment between the Coach, Coachee and Supporters.

It is important to involve Stakeholders at the beginning of an engagement in identifying the development goals. From there, the Coachee or Coach can create goals online as part of the Action Plan, providing transparency and accountability.

By going public with her Action Plan, the Coachee discloses the development areas of focus and can calibrate with Stakeholders. The Coachee can do this verbally or share her Coachmetrix Action Plan with anyone directly from the platform. This step is so valuable to ensure all expectations are aligned.

Either the Coach or Coachee can share the Coachee’s Action Plan. Sharing an Action Plan doesn’t give other people access to the Coachee’s Coachmetrix account. Instead, it shares the Action Plan via email. 

The “Share Action Plan” feature is accessible on the Action Plan page above each of the Coachee’s goals. 

The Action Plan email includes all information that has been documented: the Goal Statement, Behavior Statement and information inside the additional Details box. It can be shared with any or all parties that are actively part of the engagement (Coach, Participant, Supporters).  Additionally, any other person that should be made aware (i.e. HR, additional management, etc.) can be added as a recipient.

Space is also available to create an accompanying custom message.

As changes are made and progress is realized, the Action Plan can be shared repeatedly with Stakeholders throughout the engagement.

For more information please refer to our Knowledge Base: Sharing the Action Plan

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