Participant Journal

Journaling can be a valuable tool for Coaches to help their clients get the full benefits of their coaching engagement. Often through the exercise of reflection, a client becomes clearer on mission and can better manage stress and anxiety. It can also help a client explore options and identify solutions to complex challenges.

Many coaches encourage their clients to journal throughout the coaching process. The Participant Journal feature in Coachmetrix provides confidential space for your client to reflect on their experiences and capture relevant images or files. 


The Participant Journal is available to your clients via their Coachmetrix portal. To create a new Journal entry, your Participant clicks on the icon on the far right side.

The Journal allows your Participant to create a title and space for thoughts and reflections through text, images or files. These entries are confidential unless they are shared with the Coach.

Coaches may request their Participants periodically share these Journal entries with them or a Participant may choose to do so independently. Once a Participant has shared a Journal entry, it becomes visible to the coach below their own Private Notes specific to the individual Participant. 

Check it out and let us know what you think. We welcome your feedback!

For more information please refer to our Knowledge Base: Participant Journal


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