During this busy time of year, it’s important to be efficient and effective with your time. Coachmetrix offers  a variety of helpful features to best support your clients. And you have the flexibility to pick and choose the features that work best for you and for each project. In this edition, we’ll provide some guidance for which feature is best used when.

Have you had the opportunity to participate in a Best Practices Masterclass? Below we’ll recap the topics that have been covered as well as an opportunity to access the recordings.

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When to best utilize Resources, Discussions, and Assignments

Coachmetrix was designed to be flexible in providing coaches a range of options to manage their engagements. Each feature was developed to fulfill a need that coaches have while working with clients. At the same time, they are independent of each other allowing coaches to utilize what works best for each client, circumstance and their methodology. In this blog we’ll highlight the best uses of each.



Resources provide coaches the opportunity to share material from their library of content. Resources may include articles, leadership tools, content from a participant workbook, fieldwork assignments or any combination of text, images, video, and document uploads. A coach can share Resources with a single coachee or all participants within a project. The coachee receives notification that a resource has been shared and it is readily available to them in the Coachmetrix portal.

Resources also allow comments between the coach and coachee that can be initiated by either party. These comments are displayed below the Resources to maintain the association to the shared material.

Some examples of when Resources are best utilized include: 

  • Client Welcome Kit
  • Background about an Assessment (DiSC, Leadership Circle, etc)
  • Mini Courses on Specific Topics



Discussions are conversations between coaches and their coachees. Coachmetrix consolidates these conversations within a centralized platform making them easily accessible. A discussion can be initiated by either the coach or the coachee and may proceed multiple rounds. Discussions can include documents, images and/or links.

A coach has the option to schedule the delivery of a single discussion or series of messages for specific dates.

Another great way to save time and cycles is to utilize discussion templates. The template provides a framework of a repeated message that a coach would have with multiple participants within a project or across projects. This template can be customized to meet the needs of each participant. 

Some examples of when Discussions are best utilized include: 

  • Pre-session reminders
  • Post-session follow up
  • Sharing electronic versions of the coachee’s assessments



Assignments allow coaches to manage participant’s tasks. Coaches can create and assign a milestone with multiple steps or individual tasks to a single participant or an entire project. Assignments should be short and concise with a reasonable deadline. When an assignment is completed, a participant simply checks the box and a completion date is populated.

There isn’t an opportunity for dialog within Assignments. (If a back and forth is needed, Discussions is the better option.)

Some examples of when Assignment are best utilized include: 

  • On-boarding tasks
  • Assessment preparation checklist
  • Action items from a session

We would love your feedback on how you best use the different functions as well as ideas for future enhancements. Please send us a note to: support@coachmetrix.com


Best Practices Masterclass Recap

Our Best Practices Masterclasses have been a great success. These monthly webinars, hosted by founder Sal Silvester, have been very well received by our subscribers and have covered a broad range of topics. Recordings are accessible with the following links:

Getting the Most out of Behavioral Measurement (March)

Leveraging Coachmetrix in a Virtual World (April)

Onboarding Coaching Clients Virtually (May)

Packaging and Selling Coachmetrix as part of your Program (June)

We are taking a summer break in July but will be back the first week of August with a new Best Practices Masterclass connecting coaches and creating a stronger Coachmetrix community. Stay tuned for more information.


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