Our coaches consistently contribute ideas to help us deliver a premier coaching and leadership development platform. Coachmetrix was created by Coaches for Coaches. In this edition, we will highlight a couple of suggestions that were initiated by our valuable coaching community. 

We encourage you to continue to share with us how Coachmetrix supports your needs and what feedback you have to guide future development.


Best Practices Masterclass – Subscriber Exclusive!

The Best Practices Masterclasses have been a great success! These monthly webinars are hosted by founder Sal Silvester connecting coaches and creating a stronger Coachmetrix community—sharing ideas, insights and frameworks to help all of us grow our businesses and make a bigger impact in this world. Stay tuned for more information on the next Masterclass. (Registration is required)


Engaging Supporters

We are often asked how to keep supporters engaged. (Marshall Goldsmith calls these people Stakeholders.)  Supporters play a significant role in helping participants achieve behavioral change. But it can take time. Our data suggest that it’s not until five months after consistent follow-up between a leader and her supporters that these supporters notice how much the leader has actually changed. We understand the challenge, so we developed a function within Coachmetrix to enable participants to stay connected with their supporters.

Below are some tips to help keep Supporters engaged.

Enrolling Supporters – Your participants should share their Action Plans, review the parameters of the engagement (duration, number of Pulse Feedback rounds, frequency) and request the supporters’ participation in their development. Ideally, the initial conversation takes place real time and then is reinforced by a welcome message sent from Coachmetrix.

The welcome message is found at the bottom of the page where supporters are added to the platform. A default message is available or can be customized.

Periodic Check Ins with Supporters – Encourage your participants to follow up with supporters every 30 – 45 days. This can easily be done within Coachmetrix by selecting the Send Supporter email button.

This gives your participants the opportunity to remind the supporters of the participants’ dedication and focus on their development and their appreciation for the valuable feedback that the supporters are providing. This follow up also helps to change perceptions. 

Your participants have the option of sending a message to all of the supporters or an individual. There is a standard follow up message that can be used or your participants can customize the text.

The message to supporter(s) can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date.


Thanking the Supporters – It’s always a good practice at the conclusion of the engagement for participants to reach out and thank their supporters for being willing to provide feedback and guidance along their journey. 


Discussion Dates Displayed – Created / Updated

You may have noticed your discussions with participants were displayed in a different order than they were originally created. In response to a suggestion from one of our subscribers, discussions now display a created date and updated date (when applicable). The most recent entry will also now appear at the top of the discussions list. 

Check it out and let us know what you think. And keep sending us your feedback!


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