Happy Spring!

We are busy working on a broad range of initiatives that will increase the value of Coachmetrix to our subscribers. We are grateful to have a community of coaches that are engaged in helping us build a coaching and leadership development platform that takes their business to the next level.

Thank You for your partnership!


List View Now Available

Many coaches have developed significant quantities of projects over the years. In order to easily manage the volume, we developed the option to display projects in a List View. This allows a coach to view and sort projects based on project name or last updated date. A coach can still toggle between the tile and list view. 

This List View functionality is also available with resources. Check it out and let us know what you think!

NEW Welcome Kit Collection In Resources

We have had many requests to share our Welcome Kit. It is now available to all coaches in resources. 

A Welcome Kit provides important guidance to participants throughout the onboarding process. By utilizing a resource/collection, coaches can save valuable time and effort by sharing the Welcome Kit with all of their participants across all of their projects.

Below are the resources that are included in the Welcome Kit: 

  • Welcome to Coaching –  a placeholder for the coach to add either a video introduction or personal message
  • Coaching Agreement – general coaching guidelines and expectations
  • Coachmetrix Process – a pictorial guide to the coaching process
  • Coachmetrix Definition of Terms – reference to different roles and functions

All of the resources listed above are included in a collection titled Welcome Kit (Example). 

This framework offers coaches the opportunity to personalize their Welcome Kit by utilizing the components they prefer, adding additional resources and customizing the message. To edit, simply select the Welcome Kit and click on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the page. 


Coaches can change the title, message, as well as add, edit or remove resources. The Welcome Kit should reflect the style and methods of the coach.

Thanks for helping us continue to develop Coachmetrix. Please keep sending us your feedback!


Best Practices Masterclass – Subscriber Exclusive!

Join the coaching community at the next Best Practices Masterclass! Hosted by founder Sal Silvester, these monthly webinars connect coaches and create a stronger Coachmetrix community—sharing ideas, insights and frameworks to help all of us grow our businesses and make a bigger impact in this world.

Contact us for more information: support@coachmetrix.com.

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