Using Coachmetrix Action Planning & Goal Setting features you’ve already helped your Participant  lay out a comprehensive plan for the duration of your coaching engagement. Now it’s time to measure the results! In Coachmetrix, we gather feedback and feedforward from key Supporters to provide a clear view of a coachee’s progress.

For example, if a Participant’s goal is to improve team communication, key Supporters would be members of their professional team who can observe behaviors related to the goal. Supporters receive friendly survey requests via Coachmetrix email prompting them to provide their feedback and feedforward suggestions for the next 30 days.  For example,  Supporters may be asked, “On a scale from 1-5, rate your leader’s efforts to facilitate constructive collaboration during this week’s staff meeting.” Ongoing results are compiled into useful graphs to review and discuss in 1-1 coaching sessions to monitor and see behavioral change over time.

Choosing Supporters For Specific Goals

Supporters are persons in the Participant’s immediate professional circle that can provide ongoing Pulse Feedback by observing the Participant’s behavior. We generally recommend having 5 Supporters for each Participant. Supporters should be people that spend a good amount of time observing the Participant in the workplace. These people should also be willing to spend a few minutes each week or month providing feedback to help the leader improve their effectiveness.

It is also possible to use Coachmetrix to assign Supporters to specific goals in a Participant’s Action Plan. For example, if a Participant’s goal is to foster more productive collaborations amongst his team, good Supporters for that goal would be his team members. That same Participant may have another goal to improve the quality of his monthly reports, for which his superior would be a more relevant Supporter.

Client Value

Adding Supporters & Sending Notifications

Encourage the Participant to speak to prospective Supporters about the nature of the engagement. Supporters should be willing to work with Participants throughout the coaching experience. Within the Coachmetrix app, either the Coach or the Participant can add a Supporter. From the Participant’s main page, scroll down to Supporters and click “+”. Click here to watch a short video explaining how to add Supporters in Coachmetrix.

Your Supporters will receive a welcome email from the Coachmetrix system thanking them for their involvement in the program. When you are ready to collect Pulse Feedback from your Supporters you can do so manually or you can set-up automatic Pulse Feedback reminders. Supporters will receive an email from the Coachmetrix app with a link to provide survey feedback.