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Frank is an executive leader and consultant with over twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare, professional services, telecommunications, higher education, and nonprofit sectors. As an entrepreneur and teambuilder, he is adept at improving organizational performance through a combination of assessment, consulting, team building, and executive coaching. His work with dozens of clients during his career, including Glaxo Smith Kline, AstraZeneca, Merck Millipore, UnitedHealthcare, MindBody Inc, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, gives Frank a unique and valuable perspective on corporate initiatives tied to culture, organizational performance, executive leadership, team building, and employee engagement.


I was struggling to identify a defensible ROI for executive coaching, which in turn made it challenging to win a few skeptical clients in the past. The value proposition with Coachmetrix is clear and compelling, particularly when it comes to “firming up” the ROI story. Instead of relying on anecdotal (and biased) feedback from a Coachee on her progress, now we can both point to changes in behavior over time from Supporters. The 360 graph makes this easy to track and I love the 2-question survey since it’s short and sweet.

I always tell clients that behavioral change is the true litmus test of successful executive coaching. A Coachee can know something intellectually but true coaching success means Coachees exhibiting new behaviors among peers in pressure-filled situations. Coachmetrix’s 360 feedback tool captures candid and honest progress of Coachees among co-workers and that’s something I didn’t have before.

Now, I use Coachmetrix to track progress of long-standing Coachees and to win new opportunities among prospects. The open ended comments in the 360 survey provides some good ground to cover during coaching sessions.


I first used Coachmetrix in 2019 while running a Pilot coaching program at Drexel University for 24 Coachees. It was a bit scary since I’d never used Coachmetrix before but the platform was intuitive and easy to use. Plus, the Coachmetrix support team was there with timely answers if I needed something. It’s hard to imagine how much more time I would have spent during the Coaching Pilot coordinating everything and communicating with everyone without Coachmetrix.

I used the Action Planning and Resources tools while Coachees recruited Supporters to provide 360 feedback.

The other way Coachmetrix helps me serve my clients better is by expanding the length of my coaching engagements. Coachees and their sponsors continue to see value in the engagement, so I continue to serve them. The length of my average coaching gig has increased by 30% since I started using Coachmetrix.

Lastly, Coachmetrix is so easy to use that I’ve ‘retrofited’ Coachmetrix among one of my team building clients. After our workshop, I realized it would be useful to incorporate periodic 360 feedback among my participants to track progress and to sustain the gains from our workshop. I used Coachmetrix for this and the feedback has helped my workshop clients continue to learn and grow.

“One thing I discovered was that when Coachees recruited their Supporters these often became “Coachable Moments”. By virtue of asking for feedback, Coachees were building emotional intelligence and expressing authenticity and humility—all essential skills for effective leadership. They also were building teams of Supporters who see their leaders focused on learning, transparency and accountability. I loved those extra benefits from my executive coaching work without.” – Frank Rowe

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