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Bo Carrington - Coachmetrix

About Bo and BCA Executive Consultants

At BCA, we aren’t academics, though we use information that has scientific support. We don’t focus on consulting “models” or use a lot of double-speak. In fact, as our tagline states, we value simplicity over all else.  We believe that leadership is inherently simple and that it is often over-complicated by others for no reason. It’s practices, concepts, applications… haven’t changed much in a couple thousand years.

Why we use Coachmetrix

I started my Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Program in 2016 and had been using a combination of interviews and blind emails to capture the feedback and feedforward needed for my clients to establish or at least to attempt to provide a measurable ROI for my coaching clients. I had seen several digital coaching platforms, but I saw little value in their offerings.  While perusing some of my Goldsmith material, I came across a recommendation from one of the senior coaches in the training organization. I immediately reached out and took advantage of the free trial and have been a client since. The addition of Coachmetrix to my practice has saved me countless hours of administrative and follow up work.

As of today, I have used Coachmetrix with well over 50 individual leaders. Most in 1:1 engagements, but several in group coaching cohorts. An added benefit is that the Coachmetrix platform provides my cohort clients a central place for shared learnings and developmental conversations. I currently use Coachmetrix to some degree with all my coaching engagements as do most of the coaches that work with me. 

HOW we use Coachmetrix

The automation of gathering feedback and feedforward using Coachmetrix not only saves me time, but it also saves my client’s stakeholder’s time.  The Coachmetrix portal also provides my clients (stakeholder centered or not) access to private discussions that they (we) want to track and gives them easy access to resources I have uploaded into the system.  The other coaches that work with me also have access to those same tools and resources and we can keep things in a centralized location that provides a client / coach meet up space that far exceeds email.

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