At Coachmetrix we strive to build a community of coaches that share a common purpose in helping leaders affect positive change in the world. To that end, we have created a private community page that is accessible from your Coachmetrix portal providing valuable resources, available at your convenience to enhance your programs.

We are committed to supporting the coaching community in making a bigger impact on the world.

Thank You for your partnership!

Coachmetrix Community Page

We often receive requests from coaches for materials to support their sales and marketing efforts as well as tools to enhance the delivery of their programs. These resources are now available on a private Community page that is accessible from your Coachmetrix portal. In addition, we have included links to the Best Practices Masterclass recording and information about our Partner Program.

Access to the Community page can be found in the black bar at the top of each Coachmetrix page. When you click the “Community” link, a new window will open, allowing you to toggle between your Coachmetrix portal and the Community page.

Sales Support

By integrating Coachmetrix into your offer, you can highlight the value of a data-driven platform that demonstrates proven results. We have posted materials to help Coaches present Coachmetrix as part of their program. This includes presentations, videos, logos and a script.

Delivery Support 

We’ve provided resources to help coaches onboard clients quickly as well as tools to enhance your client’s experience.

Partner Program

The Coachmetrix Partner Program is a great way to share the value of the platform with other Coaches while benefiting from an incremental revenue stream. More information is posted on the Community page in an overview document and includes an application form.

Best Practices Masterclass

Don’t miss out on lively conversation regarding relevant topics between Coaches around the world. These monthly webinars facilitated by Coachmetrix founder Sal Silvester are recorded and posted on the Community site for coaches to download.


The Community page will be updated with Resources on a consistent basis. We welcome your suggestions for materials that would benefit your practice.

Check it out!

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