Happy 2019!

I wanted to let you know that we have some exciting things going on at Coachmetrix. I made this quick video for you about our newest executive coaching tool feature and an invitation to help shape the future of Coachmetrix’s cloud-based coaching platform.

To start—some of you may have noticed a new tab on your left navigation bar in Coachmetrix called Assignments. Well it’s our latest executive coaching tool feature and we are super excited about it. You can learn more about it below.

We also invite you to help shape the future of Coachmetrix by giving us your feedback on what’s working, where your pain points are and executive coaching tool features you’d like to see in the future.

Let’s make a bigger impact together in 2019!

Sal Silvester

Founder and CEO

Introducing The Assignments Feature

Juggling deliverables across multiple engagements is challenging for even the most seasoned coach. We developed the Assignments feature to enable coaches to more effectively manage tasks assigned to their Participants. coaches can create a single task or group tasks together within a milestone to help both individuals and projects to stay on track.









Assignments can be customized to include due dates and specific instruction.










Once an Assignment has been made, Participants receive an email notification that Assignments are awaiting in their Coachmetrix portal.

An additional benefit is that Assignments may be used repeatedly across projects saving coaches valuable time and effort.

For more information about using Assignments, click on the link to our Knowledge Base.

We’re excited about the new Assignment feature and the value it brings to our coaching engagements. Let us know what your think!

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