From “oh ya” to “oh no!”, we’re sharing everything about our 15 year journey to help  you build your management training, leadership development and executive coaching business. We want to be in the next phase of our growth with you!

We are on a mission at Coachmetrix  to make a bigger impact on the leadership coaching and training development tools industry as a whole. We’ve spent the last 15 years training, coaching and facilitating through effective leadership development, team building and coaching engagements – not to mention workshop requests for time management, executive presence training and much more. On the whole, it’s been one, huge, incredible journey and we wanted to not only share that journey, but engage with you on how we, as a collective leadership coaching and training community, can think and play bigger and continue to make a bigger impact to change people’s lives for the better.


It Starts By Impacting One Leader

Why does that matter so much? Because, as you already know, if you, as a coach, trainer or facilitator, impact one leader, you impact multiple lives. I’ll never forget as a kid, hearing my father talk about the “old man” around the dinner table. The “old man” was my father’s boss. Many of the stories my father told were positive. But the ones I still remember were the stories where my father was negatively impacted by his unaware and uncaring boss. My father’s loyalty of over 18 years was eventually broken. My father wasn’t the only one impacted. It rippled through the my entire family and others and their families who were in the same boat.

Unfortunately it’s that way for far too many people in the workplace, and as coaches, trainers, consultants and facilitators we make a difference.

The Coachmetrix blog is intended to be that focal point for us to learn together, share our ideas and best practices and even mistakes we’ve made. I intend to be open, vulnerable and coachable through this journey with you and will share my wins and my mistakes. And I promise, no hype. No “secrets” that will make you rich (that only make the blogger rich) that you’ll find on many other blogs in a similar space.


My Coaching and Training Business Journey

You may already know my journey. I founded 5.12 Solutions Consulting Group about 15 years ago, a coaching and effective leadership development company that serves teams and leaders. Coachmetrix came about to close many of the gaps in the leadership development field and in our own programs! We frankly couldn’t find leadership training tools that would support transparent action planning, ongoing measurement and give our clients access to tools on any device.

We are in the same place as you. We know leadership coaching and training is meaningful work. We know we can positively impact the lives of people inside and outside of the workplace. Let’s make a bigger difference together to make a broader impact.


What You’ll Learn (what we’ll learn together)

Starting with our next post, we’ll begin to outline, provoke, encourage and generate discussion about making a difference in this industry, including:

  • Common mistakes we’ve made as coaches and trainers
  • Tips and tools to making a bigger difference – so much so that people say “how can I get into this”
  • How to create sustainable programs, instead of just delivering workshops and short-term targeted coaching and training that have limited effectiveness
  • Building your coaching and training business from a struggling start-up to a thriving difference maker


So what’s next?

Hopefully, you’ll be on this journey with us. It’s totally free and you don’t have to be a Coachmetrix customer, though your first project is always on us for free here!

We’ll be releasing a new post every other week. To get to each post as soon as it is released, sign up for the blog below.

Have something you want to see us focus on or learn more about? Let me know in the comments below.

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