Coach Highlight with Coachmetrix Authorized Partner – John Wittry

About John and HPT Consulting Group

HPT Consulting Group offers companies an uncommon approach designed to create a culture of communication and excellence in organizations and teams of all sizes.

John Wittry stands apart as a leader in strategic facilitation, executive leadership development, and keynote speaking.

What Gap did Coachmetrix Fill? 

I believe that persistent feedback is a fundamental to support long term behavioral change. While many of my executive leadership development programs begin with a 360 assessment, I lacked a tool to conveniently and consistently monitor progress of the coachee throughout the coaching engagement and beyond.

My client load is significant, and I needed a resource for raising awareness of the coachee’s goals and that would collect feedback and feedforward that was highly automated, professional and effective. I need to be able to spend my time coaching and facilitating as opposed to performing administrative tasks that, although important, take me out of the areas that are most effective.

I also needed a tool that allowed me to engage the coachee’s support network and discuss progress and course correction in and format that was accurate and easily digestible.


How Do You Currently Use Coachmetrix?

90% of my coaching engagements start out in Coachmetrix. The tool allows me to centrally collect resource materials that I commonly use throughout an engagement and share them with the coachee at appropriate intervals. When I begin working with customers on crafting their coaching goals, we use Coachmetrix to create drafts, make edits and document final goals.

Because of the format Coachmetrix utilizes (Goal and Behavior), the coaching goals that are developed have a consistency to them and have allowed me to become an expert in crafting meaningful and measurable goals. We then invite key supporters to the system to capture feedback and feedforward on a routine basis. This allows us to accurately assess perception, progress and course correction for the coachee. It also keeps in the forefront of the Supporters mind, the goals of the coachee. This awareness provides internal support for the coachee that an external coach simply can’t.


How Has It Helped You Grow Your Business and Service Your Clients Better?

The investment in coaching is expensive. Human nature has us wanting to know that we are getting a strong return on that investment. Coachmetrix allows me to demonstrate to the client and those supporting them that they are getting a return on that investment. My belief is that doing good work produces more work. Coachmetrix allows me to demonstrate good work in a tangible format.

In addition, leveraging the tool helps keep my clients focused on what they are trying to accomplish and their progress along the way. This has a net result of keeping them more engaged in their own development.

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