I had the opportunity to spend a few days camping and mountain biking in western Colorado a few weekends ago. The outdoors has a way of helping me reset and re-energize.


And speaking of re-energizing, we’ve made significant upgrades to Coachmetrix in the past 30 days or so. Below are a few highlights, including more flexibility with pulse feedback scheduling and changes to the coach and participant dashboards.


We have many other exciting changes in the pipeline too. Keep sending your feedback and thanks for helping us make Coachmetrix a great product.


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Our next monthly user webinar is scheduled for June 23, 2017 at 12:00 mountain time. During our time together we’ll share best practices, answer your questions and help you get your projects setup. Simply reply to support@coachmetrix.com if you’d like to join and we’ll send you a meeting invite.


Reach out anytime if we can support you in any way, and please let us know how your experience with Coachmetrix is going. We love your feedback!



Sal Silvester
Founder and CEO, Coachmetrix



You can now completely customize the frequency of how often pulse feedback requests get sent (instead of being limited to every 30 days). Do you want to run just a few rounds of pulse feedback on a long-term engagement (like a mini-survey in a Stakeholder Centered Coaching© model)? Maybe you prefer pulse feedback to go out every quarter? How about every 47 days? It’s now completely up to you!




The participant dashboard now dynamically changes based on where you are in your project. Instead of displaying a static image as a placeholder prior to beginning pulse feedback, Coachmetrix now uses that space to show your participant’s tiles and recent discussions and resources.




We made similar changes on the project dashboard for the Coach. Now when you click on your project tile, you’ll see participant tiles in place of the static image. And, you’ll also see discussions and resources that require your immediate attention/response in the right column – making it faster to access the most important information on your project.



You can now share your Resources and Collections to an entire project at one time, making it faster to get information into the hands of your clients.



We updated the Add Participant interface so that you can now add up to 10 participants at the same time (instead of 3 at a time).


And, don’t forget about the recent new features we mentioned in our previous updates


  1. Participants or coaches can now share the participant’s action plan with supporters, managers, and anyone they want.
  2. We built a supporter communication system enabling the participant and coach to send welcome, follow-up and custom messages to supporters. You can also schedule those messages to be sent at a future date.
  3. Your participant tiles give you a quick glance of current status (#goals, #supporters, #pulse feedback)
  4. You can now add participants and choose to send a welcome message later – so that you can setup other important elements within your project prior to notifying your participants.
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