We now have over 1,200 users on Coachmetrix and growing every day. As I mentioned in our last product and feature update in September, we’ve been busy listening to your feedback and rolling out improvements. See details below.

We’ll continue to send periodic emails with the latest on Coachmetrix – new features, bug fixes and product updates.

Reach out anytime if we can support you in any way, and please let us know how your experience with Coachmetrix is going. We welcome the feedback!


Add Supporters CoachmetrixAdd Multiple Supporters (Stakeholders)

You asked and we listened:) You can now add up to seven Supporters at a time. Additionally, we created a Supporter’s “Name” field. When you add new Supporters in the future, their name will display on a Participant’s dashboard instead of their email address.


Supporter Message Update

Supporter Message Updated CoachmetrixWe personalized the Supporter pulse feedback request message to include the name of the Supporter in the salutation and the name of the Participant in the signature. Additionally, we added the pulse feedback round number (e.g., 10 of 14), so that the Supporter knows the current round of pulse feedback and number of pulse feedback rounds remaining.


“Explore” Tour Feature

"Explore" Tour Feature CoachmetrixThere’s a new “explore” feature on the Coachmetrix tour that allows you to stay inside the sample tour project but not be bounded by the tour’s guide. This (mostly) solves the problem of needing sample data for a demo. Essentially, you can now use the Coachmetrix tour project as your sample project for all client demos! When you go into the tour, just click “explore” and you’ll be able to click around at will. Not all Coachmetrix functionality is available in the Explore Tour mode, but there’s enough to provide a solid demo. We’ll continue to improve the tour over time.

If you’d like a demo script to use use in conjunction with the Explore feature to demo Coachmetrix to your clients, please let us know and we’ll email it to you directly.


Notes Versus Discussions

Notes verses discussions CoachmetrixWe updated the links and icons on Coachmetrix to better distinguish between Notes and Discussions. Discussions are two-way conversations between the Coach and Participant and Private Notes (formerly Notes) are private to the Coach only.

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