HABIT TRACKERHold onto your coaching hats, because your latest ally in fostering meaningful changes has arrived!

Meet Your New Habit Tracker

We’re excited to introduce an exciting new feature we’ve been building here at Coachmetrix – the Habit Tracker, which is integrated into the Goals feature.

We like to say that Coachmetrix is more than just software…it is a comprehensive coaching engagement dashboard created by Coaches, for Coaches. It was crafted by expert coaches who deeply understand the heart of coaching: inspiring real, positive shifts in behavior.

Keep the Momentum Going with Coachmetrix

If you follow Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, the habit tracker will enable you to automate the “Did I do my best?” daily questions.

And for those simply aiming for stellar behavioral change, this feature promises to be a game-changer.

We’re rolling the Habit Tracker out as a beta feature, a first step in what we hope will be a transformative tool for you and your clients. Think of it as the scaffold that supports the architecture of change – it is integrated directly within our existing Goals feature. Whether you’re setting habits linked to goals or just experimenting with new behaviors, the Habit Tracker is designed to keep the momentum going.

Here’s what it looks like:

Coachmetrix Habit Tracker


Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

5 Benefits You’ll Experience With Habit Tracker

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  1. Integration with Goals: Attach up to three habits to each goal for seamless tracking.
  2. Flexible creation: Both coaches and participants can set up new habits.
  3. Reminder customization: Opt for daily, weekly, or monthly nudges via email (with SMS on the horizon!).
  4. Visual progress tracking: Watch your growth through responsive, engaging visuals.
  5. Reflective notes: Dive deeper into your habit performance with our new notes feature.

It gets even better…Expect a suite of supporting materials – from video tutorials to in-depth articles – to help you make the most of the Habit Tracker in the coming weeks.

We’ve developed the Habit Tracker just for you – and we want to know what you think. Dive in, test it out, and let us know how it works for you. Your honest feedback is crucial to refine and evolve this feature to better serve your coaching journey.

Coachmetrix Can Help You Make a Bigger Impact

FREE TRIAL! Haven’t tried Coachmetrix yet? It was created by executive coaches who understand the unique needs of the coaching industry. Come experience this powerhouse platform that can help you track what’s most important for each of your leadership development programs and executive coaching engagements:

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From participant action plans and progress metrics to sharing course content, our goal was to make it easy to review and assess client progress. Here’s to building better habits and making a bigger impact, together!

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