New Pulse Feedback Settings Pages

The Pulse Feedback feature is a powerful resource to have as part of your coaching arsenal. Not only does it highlight the progress your client is making, but it validates the transformation with feedback from the supporting community.

In order to provide you with all of the pertinent Pulse Feedback data in one view, we redesigned the Automated and Immediate Pulse Feedback Settings pages.

The following changes were made:

  • Displaying Pulse Feedback project settings including: number of Pulse Feedback rounds, Format and Scale, Privacy Setting and Reminder emails.
  • A link to a real example of your client’s Pulse Feedback survey
  • The list of dates previous Pulse Feedback rounds (automated and immediate requests) were initially sent
  • A reorganized, logical flow of the information
  • Clear, concise directions to guide you through the process


Check out the new Automated and On Demand Pulse Feedback pages and let us know what you think!


QUICK TIP: How do you assign Supporters to specific goals?  It’s important to have the right Supporters assigned to each goal. The Supporter selected should be directly impacted by the Participant’s behavior, thus is in a great position to provide valuable guidance and feedback.

To assign/unassign Supporters, first select the goal. Next click the pencil icon to edit the goal.


The goal template will appear and the list of Supporters will be displayed. Check the box by the name(s) of the appropriate Supporters.

NOTE: The system default will select all of the Supporters for all of the goals.

The Supporters will only see the goals to which they have been assigned.

We value your feedback. Please send any comments and suggestions to

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