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It’s so important to get your Participants off to a smooth start when using Coachmetrix.

Below are some ideas we use in our practice to introduce Coachmetrix – getting participants familiar with the process so they’re ready to focus on making transformative change.

As I’ve mentioned before, Coachmetrix is build by coaches and made for coaches. I hope these tips are helpful. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can support you in the onboarding process. And, as always, we love feedback about Coachmetrix so that together we can continue to build a great coaching platform, measure our results and make a bigger impact in this world.

Tips for On-Boarding Your Participants in Coachmetrix

Include a Welcome Message with the login email – Once a project has been created, Coachmetrix allows the coach to craft a welcome message for the participant. We’ve included standard language including a link for the participant to activate an account, but it’s a great opportunity for you to introduce your program and set expectations. If you would like to send a welcome message at a later time, you can do that too!


Automated Coachmetrix Tour – Encourage your participants to utilize the automated Coachmetrix tour. This is an easy way for participants to be introduced to the platform on their own time, at their own pace. It’s always available on the Coachmetrix dashboard when a participant logs in.

Coachmetrix Tour

Develop a Welcome Kit Resource or Collection – Formalize your on-boarding materials by building a resource that your participants can reference anytime, anywhere. Your resource may contain text, video, documents, images or any combination. Share the resource at the beginning of your engagement so your participants always have in-depth information readily available.


Upload a Photo to the Account – It’s easy for participants (and coaches!) to add photos or images to their accounts. Having a photo personalizes the experience.


Create a Shortcut to Coachmetrix for Mobile Devices – Coachmetrix is a cloud-based platform that is mobile optimized. Make it easy for your Participants to access all of their coaching and leadership development information on demand.


Are there practices you use to help get your participants up to speed quickly? We would love to hear about them and share with the coaching community! Please send your ideas to support@coachmetrix.com

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Whether you are new to Coachmetrix or are facing a challenging scenario, we are here to help you navigate the terrain. We offer weekly Coachmetrix demos for a general overview or we’re happy to schedule a time to discuss your specific needs.


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