We are well into the fourth month of working virtually, and frankly, this new way of working is working out quite well.

Many organizations have realized that they don’t need a physical office space to be productive.

But they still need great leaders.

If you are a coach, that is great news, because coaching works quite well in a virtual environment.

Have you made the shift to this virtual format?

Even before this current crisis, we were providing virtual training, coaching and resources online via Coachmetrix. You may have been doing this as well.

I thought I would pass along a few ideas on how to leverage Coachmetrix, an online coaching software tool, to onboard new coaching clients.

3 Tips to Onboard New Coaching Clients Online


Tip#1: Templatize Repeatable Aspects of Your Business

One way to leverage online coaching software like Coachmetrix is to create templates for any repeatable aspect of your leadership coaching engagement. For example, your coaching engagements may all start the same exact way. So, why not create a Coaching Welcome Kit inside your online software that allows you to simply change the name of your coaching client, add a few quick and easy customizations, and send the kit to any new coaching client with very little work?

Easy. Repeatable. Scalable.

Here are a few ideas on how you might create a Coaching Welcome Kit inside your online coaching software tool:

  • Include a welcome letter with your coaching agreements.
  • Add a video with tips on how they can get the most out of the engagement.
  • Include templates to kickstart a 360° process: a rater collection spreadsheet and a sample heads up email for raters.
  • Provide other pre-reading, reflection questions or resources to get the coachee started.


Tip #2: Schedule an Onboarding Nurture Sequence

The Discussions feature in Coachmetrix allows you to create standard templates, select from those templates and schedule discussions to be sent at a later date.

You can use this onboarding sequence to provide a more personalized approach to your coaching, add value in between your coaching conversations and show your new coachee that you really care about them.

Best of all, once you build your nurture sequence templates, you can use them across all of your leadership coaching clients.


Tip #3: Create Repeatable Assignments

With the Assignments feature in Coachmetrix, you can create a standard checklist of action items you want your coachee to complete after your initial intake coaching session. This will help to add clarity, show your coachee that you are organized and give you the ability to check their progress in between coaching sessions.

What’s Next with Your Online Coaching Software?

These are just a few tips on how an online coaching software like Coachmetrix can help you add efficiency to your projects, create an optimized experience for your coachees, and move into the remote/virtual world that is our workplace today.

And, if you are a Coachmetrix subscriber, check out the new Community Page by clicking on “Community” in the upper right of Coachmetrix (when logged in). You’ll find a number of resources, including an onboarding checklist, to help your leadership coaching clients get up and running quickly.

How are you leveraging online coaching software in your practice? Let us know.

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