You already have access to a platform that enables you to operate seamlessly in a virtual world.

Online coaching software

Virtual learning and development, whether through leadership coaching, training or any other intervention, has long been part of the learning journey – playing an even bigger role today. In many ways, COVID-19 has only accelerated a trend that would have happened anyway.

As coaches and trainers, we have to make the transition and fully embrace the digital world.

The great news is that you already have a platform that is built by and made for coaches that is available to you – Coachmetrix.

Back in April, we shared 8 tips on How to Leverage Coachmetrix in a Virtual World. We also wrote a post on How to Move Your Coaching Practice Online.

It’s been amazing to watch how many of our users are leveraging Coachmetrix so we thought we’d share more tips on how they have integrated the platform into their coaching practice and reimagined how to leverage an online coaching tool in their work.

Tip #1: Schedule Check-ins in Advance 

The discussions feature is a terrific feature for sending pre-coaching session messages and notes after each coaching session. If you label the subject of each discussion consistently, you’ll create a beautiful history that makes it easier for the coaching client and coach to prepare for each session.

But you can also take it up a notch.

When you are preparing and sending notes to your coaching client, take an additional moment to create another discussion to follow-up on an action item or insight the coachee had in your coaching session. Then, schedule the discussion to be sent at a later date between coaching sessions. It’s a great value-added way to check in with your client that also takes the administrative burden off your plate.

Tip #2: Welcome to Coaching Nurture Sequence

Using the same two features – discussions and scheduling – you can craft a series of discussions that go out to your new (or existing) coaching clients to nurture them in the earliest days of your coaching engagement.

Inside your nurturing sequence, you could provide coaching agreements, videos about how to get the most out of coaching, instructions on how to complete assignments or just about anything you can think of to start the coaching engagement on the right foot that includes a combination of text, document uploads, images and video.

Tip #3: Build a Resource to Help Coachees Develop Their Action Plans

It’s not uncommon for executive or leadership coaching clients to struggle during the action planning process. Make it easier for them by building and sharing a Resource with sample action plans. For example, show sample goal and behavioral statements. Next, guide them in how to use the open-ended text box to add relevant but concise information to support the action plan. We are proponents of keeping action plans simple with bullet-pointed action items and identifying what support is needed.

Tip #4: Comment on Your Coachee’s Action Plan

Inside the Action Plan feature, as the coach you have the ability to comment on your coachee’s action plan. It’s a great way to check in between coaching sessions or provide some additional content and support, helping your coachee to create a great action plan that truly supports behavioral change.

What’s Next with Your Online Coaching Software?

Truly embracing the remote aspect of coaching is critical right now, not only to survive but to thrive in our new virtual coaching reality.

Many coaches, like us, embraced the virtual coaching world long before COVID. Others are new to the concept. Some have just started to realize that having online coaching software to support your practice will be expected by your clients.

No matter where you are on this journey, take advantage of all of the features on Coachmetrix to add value in your coaching engagements. If you haven’t given it a try yet, check it out. The first project is on us!

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