Coach Highlight with Coachmetrix Authorized Partner – Tammy Krings


Tammy Krings

About Tammy and The Conversations That Matter

The Conversations That Matter works with leaders to strengthen their teams, articulate their vision, align their work to their goals and shift their culture.  We specialize in customized Leadership Development Programs, Team Effectiveness and Executive Coaching programs that are rooted in simple, relevant and impactful tools and frameworks that can ultimately shift how a leader sees themselves and the impact they have on others. We believe that when the leader grows, the team grows. And, when the leader sees themselves differently, they see the world differently.


Before you were using Coachmetrix, what gap did you have that Coachmetrix filled? 

Three key gaps have been filled: 

  1. Before using Coachmetrix, our coachee’s goals would be in their journal or on our intake form. Now, with Coachmetrix, we can make them public and enroll others (team members, peers, stake holders) in the coachee’s development. 
  2. Our clients were searching email to locate our communication. Now with Coachmetrix, they can go into their “Program Hub” and find their materials, videos, podcasts and additional resources we send to support their engagement. 
  3. Our clients still believed that Coaching was “soft” and that the ROI couldn’t be proven and measured.  Coachmetrix has changed the conversation dramatically and they love seeing the progress in a very visible, inclusive manner. 


How Do You Currently Use Coachmetrix?

We use Coachmetrix in all of our individual Leadership Coaching Engagements as their Coaching Hub (repository), the Hub for their Action Plan & Goals + the Pulse Feedback and to prove out their Behavior Change.  

We have won several client engagements for large scale Leadership Development Programs because of Coachmetrix.  The clients love that we have a one-stop for all Communication, Program Content and Behavior Measurement.  They also love that the goals are visible, public and measurable by those who are experiencing the leadership changes. 

And, lately, we have been using Coachmetrix to help teams stay aligned and focused on team goals after a Team Development Engagement.  It’s been another added component to our work with leaders and teams that continues our relationship and investment in their desired change. 


How Has It Helped You Grow Your Business and Service Your Clients Better?

Coachmetrix is a huge differentiator for us.  By providing Coachmetrix in all of our coaching engagements, it automatically puts us in a different category of higher level coaching that is much more about the goal of coaching – behavior change – and quickly answers their concern of how will I know if this is useful or how will I stay close to this engagement.  Because Coachmetrix is designed to be inclusive, it sets the stage for “this isn’t just your average coaching program”. 

Coachmetrix has grown our business because we also have our own tools, frameworks and resources embedded into our account and can easily access and share the tools when needed. It has streamlined our process and saved us time. 

And, we have found that we can charge a higher program fee because of the Coachmetrix platform and clients are very willing to pay for a better experience and different way of engaging in the coaching process. 

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