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John Bentley

About John and

 John founded Power 2 Transform based on his journey to understand why he failed to consistently inspire employee commitment, build cohesive teams and facilitate successful change.

He discovered the best leaders know how to intentionally influence themselves to achieve the best results through and with others in spite of the day-to-day chaos. In contrast, leaders who struggle and become frustrated do so because they remain captive to their own beliefs, attitudes, and priorities that blind them to the reality of a situation and the needs of the organization.


 Coachmetrix provides me with a system for automating several tasks that I was previously tracking via email and/or spreadsheets.

Now, with this tool, I can provide training resources thru Coachmetrix that allowed me to create learning opportunities that linked to specific needs of the coachees.

The discussions are also a great tool for staying in contact and keeping the coachee informed, and assignments also make it easy for the coachee to understand and complete the tasks they agreed to.

Coachmetrixs has reduced the amount of emails I send making it easier for me and the coachees to stay on track and improve their leadership effectiveness

“Pulse metrics sells my coaching services because I can show the business impact of behavior change.”

– John Bentley

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