How Stakeholders Fuel Coaching Success

Success isn’t determined by the coach or even the coachee, but by the people impacted by the coachee’s behavior.  In Coachmetrix, we call these people supporters and Marshall Goldsmith refers to [...]

On-Boarding Participants

Happy summer! It’s so important to get your Participants off to a smooth start when using Coachmetrix. Below are some ideas we use in our practice to introduce Coachmetrix – getting [...]

Behavior Change Versus Perception Change

There’s always a lag between when a leader makes a change and when others notice that change. Behavioral change data from our long-term leadership development programs in Coachmetrix suggest that [...]

Coachmetrix Features Updates – June

I hope your summer is off to a great start! We’ve been busy incorporating your feedback into development that we know you will find helpful. As always, keep sending us your suggestions and [...]

Optimize Your Coaching Process

Coaching apps are not only making headlines in The Wall Street Journal, they are marketing their ability to create an efficient, time effective coaching process. Can you do the same?   My [...]

Leverage YOUR Content, Not Theirs!

Coaching apps are not only making headlines in The Wall Street Journal, they are marketing their ability to deliver just-in-time content. Can you do the same? In my last several posts, I’ve made [...]

Coachmetrix Features Updates February

We love when you give us feedback about Coachmetrix. It helps us understand how you use Coachmetrix and how to keep improving the platform. We recently rolled out a number of enhancements to the [...]

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