We are excited to highlight a few initiatives we’ve been working on this month. The new Activity Report incorporates feedback from coaches with more reports yet to come. We are also launching our first Subscriber Exclusive – a Best Practices Masterclass led by Sal Silvester, founder of Coachmetrix.

We greatly value you being a part of the Coachmetrix community. Your contributions help us to deliver a premier platform for Coaches to make a difference with leaders throughout the world.


Coachmetrix Activity Report

As promised, we have deployed another Coachmetrix report to help coaches have greater visibility into their projects. The Activity Report provides coaches a snapshot of their projects and participants’ progress.

Coachmetrix Reports are available by selecting the reports tab on the coaches dashboard. A coach can choose to report on any of their current or former projects. 

Once a Project has been selected from the drop down menu, a list of all participants in the project will be displayed. Select one or all of the participants and click the submit button at the bottom.

The data will download to a CSV file for review and easy formatting/manipulation.

The Activity Report includes the following fields for the participant(s) selected:

  • Participant Name
  • Participant email
  • Date Added to Project
  • Name of Coach Assigned
  • Last Login Date
  • Number of Goals
  • Number of Supporters
  • Number of Pulse Feedback Rounds Submitted
  • Number of Pulse Feedback Rounds Total
  • Number of Assignments Completed
  • Number of Assignments Total
  • Number of Resources Shared with Participant

For more information on the Activity Report and screenshots with detailed instructions, visit the Knowledge Base: Activity Report

Stay tuned as we release more iterations of the reports feature. And please continue to share what you would like to see developed. Your feedback has helped us define what is most relevant to support your coaching and leadership development. 


Subscriber Exclusive!

The Coachmetrix Best Practices Masterclass: Getting the Most out of Behavioral Measurement led by Sal Silvester is scheduled March 6, 2020. (registration is required)

This first monthly masterclass is offered exclusively to Coachmetrix subscribers. Our intent is to begin connecting coaches and creating a stronger Coachmetrix community—sharing ideas, insights and frameworks to help all of us grow our businesses and make a bigger impact in this world.

For more information and to register, please visit: Best Practices Masterclass


Definition of Coachmetrix Terms

QUICK TIP: A simple guide of definitions for all Coachmetrix terms is available to help coaches understand the different roles and how to best utilize the Coachmetrix features. Check out the Knowledge Base for more information: Definition of Coachmetrix Terms

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