Pulse Feedback

Pulse Feedback is one of the most essential components of the Coachmetrix system. This is how we measure the efficacy of our executive coaching and leadership development programs. We collect Pulse Feedback and Feedforward from Supportersto gauge a Participants progress on their specific goals. Supporters receive friendly emails to submit survey responses at automated intervals, or upon request, and responses are compiled into your Coachmetrix dashboard.

Say, for example, your Participant has a goal to provide more valuable input during company meetings. Using Coachmetrix you request Pulse Feedback from Supporters that attend a regular weekly meeting with your Participant. You ask Supporters to rate the Participant on a variety of questions pertaining to their engagement and input during the meeting. Over the course of your leadership development program you see the ratings gradually improve and show a tangible ROI to your client.

Coachmetrix - Metrix Graph

How Does Pulse Feedback Work?

Using Coachmetrix you, the Coach, and your Participant have already identified an Action Plan and goals for the duration of your coaching engagement. Then you selected Supporters; individuals that interact with your Participant in the workplace and express a willingness to provide feedback. Now it’s time to measure the pulse of your leadership development program.

Automate Pulse Feedback reminders or send manually. Supporters receive an email from Coachmetrix asking them to submit their responses to your survey. Ask Supporters to rate Participants or submit short, anonymous written responses to questions. All of the information that Supporters provide will be compiled into your Coachmetrix dashboard. Visit the Knowledge Base to learn more about setting up Pulse Feedback for your coaching engagements.