Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

Have You Met Your New Coachmetrix Habit Tracker Yet? 

Earlier this spring, we introduced an exciting new feature we’ve been building here – the Coachmetrix Habit Tracker, integrated seamlessly into our Goals feature. 

Whether you’re a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach automating the “Did I do my best?” daily questions or simply aiming to accelerate change with your coachees, the Coachmetrix Habit Tracker empowers your Participants to create habits, track progress, and reflect online. It’s built right within the Goals feature, making it easy to enhance what you already know. 

Here’s what it looks like: 

Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

Yes! Text Reminders are Now Available

Even better, reminders to track habit progress are now sent not only via email but also via text, prompting your coachees to respond directly from their mobile devices. Setting up text reminders is a breeze – simply add a phone number for your Participant. 

You can do this when you initially “add” the participant to your project (see below).

Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

Or, if your Participant is already in Coachmetrix, you or the Participant can add their phone number under the User Settings. 

Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

Easily Select Your Time Zone

We’ve also added the ability to select your time zone, ensuring Coachmetrix habit tracker reminders are sent exactly when you want, whether via email or text. This time zone setting applies to all messaging features in Coachmetrix, including Pulse Feedback messages and scheduled Discussions, ensuring everything aligns perfectly with your schedule.

New Enhancements to Pulse Feedback

Ever wondered when a Participant’s next round of pulse feedback is scheduled? Wonder no more. You can now find this information on the Pulse Feedback page, right under Pulse Feedback Comments.

Coachmetrix Habit Tracker

Up and Coming: More Exciting Features!

We’re excited to share that we have several new features in the works. Soon, we’ll be adding text, email, and pop-up notifications to keep you and your Participants informed about the next round of Pulse Feedback.

We’re also developing a Coach Bio page, making it easy for your Participants to access their Coach’s contact information and learn more about them.

Additionally, we’re working on adding Admin functionality to enhance your experience even further. Stay tuned for these upcoming enhancements!

We Want to Know What You Think

We’ve developed the Coachmetrix Habit Tracker, and all these new features, just for you – and we want to know what you think. Dive in, test them out, and give us your honest feedback. You have the ability to help us shape the future of Coachmetrix, to better serve your coaching journey. . 

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From participant action plans and progress metrics to sharing course content, our goal was to make it easy to review and assess client progress. Here’s to building better habits and making a bigger impact, together!

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