Coaching apps are making headlines in The Wall Street Journal. The future is here.


Artificial intelligence in executive coachingDid you see the April 16, 2019, Wall Street Journal article entitled “The Robots That Manage Managers”?

It’s focused on coaching apps that more and more managers rely on to provide them with tips, tools and nudges throughout their day, to stay on track, and increase their effectiveness.

Many of these new apps are driven by artificial intelligence including Butterfly, Qstream and LEADx. A quote from LEADx founder Kevin Kruse states, “If you can afford a $250–$500 an hour, go get a human. But AI is democratizing leadership training.”

Democratizing leadership training? Yup, that’s the buzzword in the industry that you’ll see among many of what I call “app + coach” offerings.

In my last post, Are You Ready to Compete in a Tech-savvy World?, I challenged you to change before you are forced to change. And when coaching mobile apps are making headlines in the Wall Street Journal, that tells me my prediction for the future, where technology will play a much bigger role in coaching, may be more mainstream than futuristic.

There are very few barriers to entry into the coaching industry, and the mobile app evolution will take more and more market share from coaches who are not adapting to the current times.

How will you respond to the changes happening in the coaching industry today, so that you can stay relevant and competitive?

What Choice Will You Make?

The way I see it, and I might be wrong, we are nearing a crossroads, where you can join a company and coach for a third-party company like BetterUp, where you’ll be coaching at a commoditized rate, building their brand, and using their content.

Alternatively, you can make Coachmetrix your partner,  where you can build your brand, use your own content, and take advantage of a platform that enables you to compete in this changing world and coach in ways that expand your business.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with thousands of coaches in the last three years as we’ve built Coachmetrix. Unfortunately, not every coach will survive the technological changes coming our way.  

Most of the coaches I’ve met are doing amazing things in helping others navigate the complexity of our workplace and world. I’ve also found that coaches, and the coaching industry as a whole, are often the slowest to change themselves.

My guess is that you are savvier and more aware of these current trends and that’s why you are reading this article today.

I believe that we as coaches must change now before we have to change later.

A Coaching Tool to Help Now

I’ll be sending a series of short emails over the coming weeks with tips to leverage Coachmetrix so that you can expand your business and compete in the mobile app evolution.

In the meantime, if you are itching to dig deeper and immerse yourself immediately in how to leverage Coachmetrix to compete in a tech-savvy world, you can access this recording of my masterclass Expand Your Coaching Business: Add More Value and Compete with Mobile Apps That will Disrupt the Market.

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