Are you watching the trends in coaching? Technology is playing a vital role. Here’s how to get prepared for the change — before you need to.


There are very few barriers to entry in the leadership coaching industry. Put up a shingle, call yourself a coach, and you’re in business.

On top of that, there are coaching-focused mobile apps that hire coaches at a commoditized rate and are selling, on a massive scale, coaching as a leadership development option for the millennial leader.

It’s market disruption at its best.

The challenge for most coaches is that it’s very hard to make a sustainable living with the commoditized rates being paid by the coaching mobile-app companies.

Even worse, by coaching for a mobile-app company, you spend more of your time building their brand instead of your own.

To compete in an industry where technological disruption has started and rates are being commoditized, you need a technology platform to support your growing practice.

And, if you want to keep up with your tech-savvy clients the millennials who are your future coachees as they enter into more and more senior leadership roles each day you’ll have to move away from email, documents, spreadsheets, and other random and inconsistent methods of communication and measurement.

Your clients will expect more.

If they don’t today, they will tomorrow.

Coachmetrix can help you compete in a technically advanced world and help you set your coaching business apart.

Here’s how.

Find a platform that supports your content

What to look for: As coaches and trainers, we have a ton of content. Choose a platform that enables you to easily build and share your thought leadership, your approach and your brand.

How Coachmetrix can help: Coachmetrix’ Resources feature gets your content online. That content can be any combination of text, document uploads, video and images, and might include a series of articles, tools, frameworks, or micro-courses.

Measure your impact

What to look for: If you look at some of the competition – part of what’s heating up in the market is the ability to prove your value and impact. You’ll need a platform that enables you to measure your coaching impact beyond the standard coach satisfaction survey.

How Coachmetrix can help: Coachmetrix’ pulse measurement mechanism utilizes “supporters,” largely mimicking the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process originally developed by Marshall Goldsmith. You’ll be able to measure behavioral change and help your participants shift not only how they show up, but how others see them. BTW – have you checked out the fun book that Marshall Goldsmith and I co-authored – Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximizing Your Impact as a Coach?

Optimize your coaching process

What to look for: Part of what the mobile apps rave about is their ability to bring some or all of the coaching process online, to streamline the coaching process and give participants a just-in-time coaching experience. You’ll need a flexible platform that allows you to respond to this competitive threat and bring your coaching practice into the 21st century.

How Coachmetrix can help: Coachmetrix has a number of tools to optimize the coaching experience from both the participant and the coach’s perspective. You’ll be able to communicate online between coaching sessions; schedule nurturing messages in advance; assign milestones and tasks to your coachee; utilize templates to give participants a consistent experience when multiple coaches are on the same engagement; and much more.

How to Apply These Tools in Your Coaching Business

The real question is, do you want to build your own brand or do you want to play it safe and work for a commoditized coaching mobile-app company?

If you want to compete in the future world of coaching, you’ll need a coaching platform to support your practice. Not to replace the personal one-on-one coaching conversation, but to optimize everything around it.

And Coachmetrix — built by and made for coaches — is the platform to do just that.

Want to learn more about how Coachmetrix can help you optimize your coaching practice? Join us for our complimentary masterclass Expand Your Coaching Business: Add More Value and Compete with Market-disrupting Mobile Apps.

This 45-minute, content-packed masterclass will be led by Coachmetrix Founder and CEO Sal Silvester.


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