Coach Metrics | Coaching App 2.0Over the last 45 days, we’ve let you know about the debut of Coachmetrix 2.0. Well, it’s launch day and we’re confident that you’re going to love the new design, improved features and easier navigation.

Wondering what to expect?

When you login, you’ll notice:

  • A fresh look and feel
  • New search ability
  • …and the building blocks to improve the navigation to streamline how you create and share Resources, Collections, Assignments and Discussion Templates.

Then, over the next 9 months, there will be a series of intentional updates about every 6-8 weeks, to minimize disruption of your work with clients. These new features and upgrades will significantly equip you with the tools you need to set your coaching practice apart and make a bigger difference in the world.

Top 3 FAQs about Coachmetrix 2.0

Here are the top 3 frequently asked questions:

#1 Will my existing projects, resources and client data transition to Coachmetrix 2.0?

Yes! There’s no action needed on your part. When you sign into Coachmetrix after the launch on May 6th, all of your account data will transfer to the new version. It’s that easy.

#2 How will Coachmetrix 2.0 be different from the existing version? 

Most of the way Coachmetrix functions will remain as it is today. It had been since 2016 when we designed the original platform. We knew it was time to make better use of space and to update the overall look without making sweeping changes to the platform. Go here to get a preview of what’s changing.

#3 How will you support coaches during the transition to Coachmetrix 2.0?

  1. We’ll be holding “office hours” to support you through the transition.
  2. We’ll also be offering short, 15-minute coaching calls to answer any of your questions.
  3. Our April, May and June Coachmetrix Best Practices Masterclasses will be focused on orienting coaches to the new Coachmetrix 2.0.

Thank you for being a part of this transition – we’re excited to show you all the awesome new features Coachmetrix 2.0 has to offer.

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