In 2016, we set out to create an executive and leadership development coaching platform that would make a positive impact on the work coaches do with their clients and in the world.

We wanted to ditch the paper workbooks, the inconvenience of file attachments and make content easily accessible from any mobile device.

Coachmetrix: The Journey Continues

We launched Coachmetrix at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Conference in Denver back in May 2016. Since then, we’ve helped you impact thousands of people’s lives while adding credibility and measurement in the executive coaching industry.

And we haven’t let up in our efforts.

We’ve been hard at work here at Coachmetrix, continuing the journey that we set out on in 2016 and…


We are excited to let you know that Coachmetrix 2.0 is coming very soon.

Coachmetrix 2.0: Streamlining the Process

Coachmetrix 2.0 will bring you all of the great features you currently enjoy – but in a newly designed and easier to use package.

What were our goals?

  • To upgrade the look and feel
  • To make the navigation easier to use
  • To structure the platform for the next 5 years of growth…

You’ll see an initial launch of Coachmetrix 2.0 toward the end of April 2022, with features making it easier to use and navigate, along with an improved search ability.

What to Expect With the Launch of Coachmetrix 2.0

Then, over the next 9 months or so, there will be a series of intentional updates about every 6-8 weeks, to minimize disruption of your work with clients.

These new features and upgrades will significantly equip you with the tools you need to set your coaching practice apart and make a bigger difference in the world.

The best news of all? You won’t have to do anything.

All of your data will be seamlessly migrated to the new platform. We’ll do our best to preview changes before they launch and provide you with the support you need through practical workshops that you can attend live or watch at your convenience.

I hope you are as excited as I am for the next generation of Coachmetrix.

We’ll keep you posted regularly on all of the great innovations coming your way.

In the meantime, don’t forget to join us for our monthly Best Practices Masterclasses where we take a deep dive into a Coachmetrix or business development topic.

And, most of all, thanks for being part of the Coachmetrix Community.

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