Coachmetrix 2.0: Improved Online Client Tracking for Coaches

Last week we announced that Coachmetrix 2.0, with a rollout of improved features and navigation for coaches and their coaching clients, is right around the corner (5/6/22 is our target launch date).

As we mentioned, we’ll be starting with:

  •   A fresh look and feel
  •   New search ability
  •   …and the building blocks to improve our navigation to streamline how you create and share Resources, Collections, Assignments and Discussion Templates.

Most of the way Coachmetrix functions will remain as it is today.

Ready for a preview of what’s to come? Let’s go!


A Fresh Look and Feel to our Online Coaching Tools

To start, we wanted to modernize Coachmetrix. It had been since 2016 since we designed the original platform, and we knew it was time to make better use of space and to update the overall look without making sweeping changes to the platform.

You’ll see cleaner lines, updated buttons, and better positioning of elements.

Here are some before and after shots.


Before: Participant Navigation

Before: Participant Navigation


After: Participant Navigation

After: Participant Navigation


Before: Creating Coaching Goals and Action Plans

Before: Creating Coaching Goals and Action Plans


After: Creating Coaching Goals and Action Plans

After: Creating Coaching Goals and Action Plans


Refining the Coaching Projects Page 

When you sign into Coachmetrix for the first time, you’ll notice that we’ve removed the tiles and made them a shaded list view so that you can see more projects in your immediate view without having to scroll through a long list of tiles (for our heavy users).

You can now archive your coaching projects, which takes them away from your immediate view, allowing you to focus on active coaching engagements. Plus, you can sort from a drop-down box for Active Projects, Archived Projects, or All Coaching Projects. The new search box will let you search for any of your projects, so that you see only what you need.


Refining the Coaching Projects


Navigation: From Tabs on the Left to a Menu at the Top

The navigation has shifted from old school tabs on the left to a more sleek, modernized navigation structure on the top of your screen.

You may be asking, “Why did you do this?”

The short answer is to pave the way for a smoother future navigation experience, especially as we add new features throughout 2022.

In the coming months, we’ll be modifying the navigation process so that Resources, Collections, Assignments and Discussion Templates all flow more consistently.

Here’s a before and after of the tabs on left to navigation on top.


Before: Tabs on Left

Before: Tabs on Left


After: Navigation on Top

After: Navigation on Top


Your Personal Online Coaching Library 

When we first launched Coachmetrix, we started with the Resources feature – which allows you to create and share content with your Coaching Clients and Online Participants. We’ve since added Collections, Discussion Templates, and Assignments as a result of great suggestions provided by our dedicated subscribers.

We built all of those new features independently. Now, we have some work to clean up the navigation flow.

In Coachmetrix 2.0, we consolidated Resources, Collections, Discussion Templates, and Assignments under a “Library” header. Our next step will be to restructure the flow of those functions so that they all operate with a more consistent experience, as explained above.


Online Coaching Library


You’ll also notice improved searchability for your Coaching Resources, Collections, Discussion Templates, and Assignments.


improved search


Online Coaching Assignments Simplified

We’ve simplified the Assignments feature to eliminate the “milestones” and instead make this a simple “to do” list. You can still add multiple coaching assignments to a participant at one time. Select the first assignment you want to “Assign to a Participant”, and then select any other assignments on the next page.

In a future Coachmetrix 2.0 feature release, you’ll be able to share Assignments directly from a Participant’s account.


Online Coaching Assignments


Coaching Clients and Participants

On each participant’s tile, you’ll see a nice snapshot of information about the participant’s activity. You’ll also see three dots in the upper right that replace the icons to delete the participant or reassign them to a different coach.


Coaching Client online portal



We hope that you love the new Coachmetrix 2.0. We want to know what you think, so that we can continue to improve your experience.

And, we’ll keep you posted on the timing of all of the great changes and feature releases coming over the next several months.

Thanks, as always, for being part of our Coachmetrix community. 


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