Coaching apps are not only making headlines in The Wall Street Journal, they are marketing their ability to measure coaching results. Can you do the same? 


In my last post I cited a Wall Street Journal article from April 16, 2019, that confirmed the prediction I have been making over the past several years: the mobile app evolution will play a bigger and bigger role in coaching. And, if coaches are not prepared for this change, they may not survive.

The good news is that Coachmetrix was built by—and made for—coaches. It’s a tool that if we continue building together, can add more value to your business, equip you with a platform to compete in a changing world, and have a greater impact on the important work we all do.

This is the first of three short posts to help you leverage Coachmetrix and stay tech savvy in a quickly evolving world.

Measure Your Impact

First and foremost, we see the ability to measure behavioral change and prove your impact as two of the most important differentiators in the business.

After all, executives buy results, not coaching. If you are able to tell the buyers of your services that you can measure change, they will likely find your service more credible, reliable and worthy of financial investment.

This is core to Coachmetrix and something we are continually working to improve.

It’s important to know the underpinning of Coachmetrix. The measurement methodology upon which we built this is closely aligned with Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology. Marshall and I wrote a book called Stakeholder Centered Coaching: Maximize Your Impact as a Coach last year to show how his Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology and Coachmetrix go hand in hand.

Here’s what’s unique about the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology:

  • #1: The emphasis is on the stakeholders.In Coachmetrix, we call these individuals supporters. They are impacted by the leader’s behaviors and are involved in the leader’s development on an ongoing basis.
  • #2: The emphasis is on feedforward. Leaders are given ideas and suggestions for the future. Your coachees can’t do anything about their past, but they sure have the potential to change their future. Coachmetrix provides that platform to receive both feedback and feedforward from supporters so that a leader knows how she’s done and what she can change in the future.
  • #3: The focus is on both behavior change and perception change. It’s one thing to change behavior and a completely different challenge to change perceptions.

There are a number of ways to enhance the Stakeholder Centered Coaching Methodology, but it’s important to start with the five core components.

  1. Leaders get clear on what they want to changethey identify a development goal that may originate through a 360 process (verbal or online) or whatever mechanism a coach uses to help leaders understand where to focus their coaching.  
  2. Leaders go public with their goal so that others know what to observe.
  3. Leaders build an action plan based on input from stakeholders.
  4. Leaders follow-up consistently with their stakeholders.
  5. Coaches measure results.

With Coachmetrix, you can enhance your coaching practice by integrating all of those components in an easy and centralized location.

  • A participant or coach can create goals online to provide transparency and accountability.
  • The goals can be calibrated between the participant, the participant’s manager and the coach by sending the action plan to anyone directly from Coachmetrix.
  • The feedback and feedforward process can be automated so that the leader always knows whether she’s moving the needle on change.
  • The participant and coach can keep supporters engaged by:
    • Customizing the welcome message.
    • Sending them a follow-up message through Coachmetrix.
    • Scheduling future messages to keep them enrolled and committed.

Coaching Tools to Implement Now

Better measurement is the first way Coachmetrix can help expand your business and your brand, and compete in a tech-savvy world where the mobile app is gaining more traction.

Better measurement is a great way to set your coaching business apart.

Finally, better measurement is also a great way to add credibility to the results you already know you create with clients. Stay tuned for our next post as we continue the discussion on how to leverage Coachmetrix to compete in our evolving industry. In the meantime, if you are itching to dig deeper and immerse yourself immediately in how to leverage Coachmetrix to compete in a tech-savvy world, you can access a recording of my masterclass Expand Your Coaching Business: Add More Value and Compete with Mobile Apps that will Disrupt the Market.

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